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Toomey Leasing Group Looking Forward to an Exciting 2015

<p Derby , United States (IBwire.com - February 13, 2015) Following 3 successive years of growth and a period of restructuring and refinement of their service offering, Toomey Leasing Group is excited about the opportunities that face them in 2015. Their one-stop-shop solution to vehicle contract hire and leasing results in a flexible, hassle free service, tailored to meet the needs of your individual business. The range of value added services offered by Toomey Leasing mean that every aspect of your fleet management is taken care of. This includes the provision of analytical data to ensure that you are managing your fleet as effectively as possible, and accident management services which deal with administration and cost management when you need it most. Toomey Leasing is the UK’s leading independent fleet management company in the SME market and they have spent considerable time and effort over the past 3 years refining their service to ensure that it specifically meets the needs of their SME customers in the most flexible and cost- effective manner.

Sales Director, Alex Butcher commented that:

“We now have an extremely strong sales team with over 50+ combined years of industry experience. We understand the SME market and our customers trust us to provide them with a solution that will best meet the needs of their business. We have the additional support of some intelligent CRM software which enables us to match specific solutions to businesses which will benefit the most. Our solutions are smart, flexible and competitively priced. This is why our customers are loyal and our business is growing at a time when many of our competitors are struggling.”

Getting the balance between automation and a personal service is often difficult for businesses and this is an area in which Toomey Leasing are proven to be particularly effective. Many parts of the service are assisted by technology, which enables them to provide an enhanced service. However their 24/7 helpline and direct driver liaison means that all Toomey Leasing customers can speak to someone if and when they need any kind of assistance. Toomey Leasing fleet management services include:

· Direct Driver Liaison:

· 24/7 helpline for service bookings, breakdown/recovery and driver assistance:

· Monitoring and advice on fleet running costs and the provision of analytical data:

· Whole Life Cost analysis to ensure your organisation gains maximum value from your fleet policy:

· Competitive refurbishment and maintenance costs:

· Mileage Pooling:

· Formal Extensions:

· Dedicated Account Management:

· Online Mileage Capture:

· Fuel Card Management:

For more information on Toomey’s fleet and vehicle leasing solutions, please visit http://www.toomeylease.com.

Toomey Leasing Group is one of the UKs biggest independent contract hire and leasing companies. It has years of experience in the car leasing market and works hard to provide its clients with the latest expert advice on all the areas involved in both personal and commercial vehicle financing.

Clients of Toomey Leasing Group can expect a top quality service, a tailored solution to meet their requirements. It’s no wonder they have an outstanding track record of customer satisfaction. They can help all types of companies meet the needs of their drivers through all types of vehicles, inclu

Media Contact:

Alex Butcher
Toomey Leasing Group
Derby ,

Phone: 01332 205828
Website: www.toomeylease.com
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