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World Semiconductor Market to Reach 275.9 Billion Euros in 2016 According to Global Research & Data Services

Global demand for semiconductors is forecast to reach 275.9 billion euros in 2016.  (09/15/2012 11:34 AM)

CAPRES A/S IMEC Joint development Program using microRSP M300 microscopic four point probing tool for sub 32nm processes monitoring

CAPRES A/S is very pleased to announce the start of a Joint Development Program (IMEC-CAPRES) on the assessment of micro-probe technology for advanced semiconductor applications. This program originates from earlier interactions between CAPRES A/S and IMEC and a more intense collaboration within EU supported program PULLNANO (launched mid 2006) where one of the objective was to realize research on the materials, devices, architectures, interconnects modelling... (05/06/2009 14:51 PM)

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