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Network of Supply Chain Women Executives to Hold Symposium May 6-7

New Brunswick, , United States (IBwire.com - April 09, 2015) Leading executive women in supply chain will be gathering for the third annual AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations, Management and Education) Symposium taking place on May 6-7 at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ to take part in discussions and collaborations to support the advancement of women leaders in supply chain. The two-day conference will feature networking and interactive dialogue with a variety of industry leaders, authors and educators.

The AWESOME Symposium will include speaking presentations and interactions with leaders of host-company Johnson & Johnson, one of Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies,” including event co-chair Kathryn Wengel, vice president of Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC), Courtney Billington, vice president of supply chain, Pharma, and Group Worldwide Chairman Sandi Peterson.

There will be an up-close conversation with Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard professor, the chair and director of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative and author of Move: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead. Michelle Livingstone, the vice president of transportation for The Home Depot, will moderate a supply chain leaders panel. Susan Packard, co-founder of HGTV and author of a new book on women’s leadership entitled New Rules of the Game will moderate a C-Suite Leaders panel. There will also be a male leaders panel and an opportunity for senior leaders to mentor emerging leaders in a fireside chat and panel discussion.

“This event will take AWESOME to the next level with a growing network and exciting new initiatives,” said Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME’s executive director. “As we strengthen our connections and collaborate toward a common purpose, together we can make a difference – for women in our field, the industries we are part of, the communities we live in, and the global economies we support and nurture.”

Symposium attendance is by invitation-only; participation criteria and instructions for requesting an invitation can be found on the AWESOME website at www.awesomeleaders.org. Senior supply chain women interested in attending are encouraged to contact the AWESOME organization to request an invitation.

AWESOME is a leadership initiative focused on advancing women supply chain leaders and transforming the future of supply chain leadership. Over the past two years, the AWESOME network has grown to include more than 500 senior-level leaders representing the full spectrum of supply chain organizations and leadership roles. The AWESOME mission includes advancing progress for women’s supply chain leadership through networking, collaboration, awareness, recognition, learning and inspiration. AWESOME was launched in 2013 by Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics. In 2012, she became the first woman to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) since the award was established in 1965. Recognizing that the supply chain field is at a critical point to realize the full potential of women as leaders, she set out to transform the leadership landscape. Through AWESOME, Drake and other leaders serve as role models and strong proponents of the advancement of women in logistics and supply chain management and related fields. For more information: www.awesomeleaders.org.

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Jennifer Nix
DSC Logistics
New Brunswick, , NJ

Phone: (847) 635-4960
Website: www.dsclogistics.com
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