June 22, 2015 Monday - updated 09:20 AM PT

Nestopia Launches the New Cost Estimator Tool

<p Mumbai, India (IBwire.com - June 22, 2015) About Nestopia

Nestopia is an online platform for architects, interior designers and home owners. The Nestopia website offers architects and interior designers a platform to showcase their portfolios and uses a unique match making formula to pair home owners with interior design projects to suitable design professionals o the basis of parameters such as location, budget, scope of work, design style etc.

What is a Cost Estimator?

The first step to any interior project is estimating how much the project will cost and setting a budget accordingly. Estimating costs includes taking into consideration labour costs, material costs etc. and can be quite tricky. To make life simpler, Nestopia has come up with a unique tool and devised a simple cost estimator for all types of interior projects.

Why Cost Estimator?

Nestopia’s cost estimator takes into consideration both material and installation costs to give you a ballpark figure of how much your project will cost you. The costs provided on the estimator are regularly updated by industry experts to include newer materials and ascertain the current costs. On selecting the space and entering the square footage of the space, the estimator lists drop down menus of the various facets of the project allowing you to choose the treatments you would like to include. A simple select and deselect method of adding an interior design feature to your estimate also allows you to choose the optimal finish that matches both your aesthetic sensibilities and your budget.

How it works

1. Enter Basic Info
a. Select Project Type (Design space like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc.)
b. Select Approximate Area
c. Select Budget Range
2. Select Specific Features (like Wall Finishes, Flooring, Furniture etc.)
3. Get Your Estimate

How it will help Space Owners?

For homeowners, this cost estimator can in an instant tell you how much your remodeling project will cost and what choices are available to you. Take for example a kitchen renovation project; when creating an estimate for kitchen remodeling, the estimator lists wall finishes such as paint, tiles and waterproofing with the associated costs for each. Thus if the project is running on a tight budget, the estimator will instantly tell you that compared to tiling; paint is the optimal wall treatment that matches your budget.

How it will help Design Professionals?

For architects and interior designers in India, Nestopia’s cost estimator puts away the need for a calculator and cumbersome calculations when creating initial project estimates. The estimator can be used to create project estimates for residential interior projects across the country keeping in mind a 10-15% and 20% reduction in costs for estimates of projects in B tier and C tier cities respectively.

Working with a cost estimator ensures that a project has less chances of going over budget and thus both the architect or interior designer and the client are satisfied at the end of the project. You will truly enjoy using this nifty tool and estimate the cost of your interior design requirements simply with a few clicks.

Media Contact:

Mr. Harsh Jain

Phone: 8080255233
Website: nestopia.com
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