August 05, 2015 Wednesday - updated 10:30 AM PT

Mobile Development Agency Announces the Launch of Brown Skin Games

Atlanta, , United States ( - August 05, 2015) Alazim Agency Inc., an Atlanta-based mobile development agency, announced today the creation of Brown Skin Games, a new division dedicated to developing and distributing disruptive mobile apps targeting African-American and Hispanic mobile consumers.

According to Pew Research Center, 70 percent of Black consumers and 71 percent of Hispanic consumers own smartphones, compared to 61 percent of white consumers. Despite high smartphone penetration among minority consumers, few apps in the marketplace cater specifically to these demographic groups.

Brown Skin Games’ apps will feature diverse characters and themes representative of African-American and Hispanic culture. All apps will be free and will include targeted ads. Additional game content will be available via in-app purchases.

In addition to producing culturally diverse apps, Brown Skin Games, which is staffed with a team of hipsters, hustlers and hackers, will also recruit and train minority mobile app developers.

“It’s important that we not only address the lack of diverse characters in gaming but also diversity in game development,” said Tharwat Abdul-Malik, Chairman and Chief Architect of Alazim Agency Inc. “In the last decade the number of black app developers has risen by only .5 percent. We aim to accelerate growth in this area.”

“We are staffing our new division with young people who share the same vision and direction as Brown Skin Games, especially interns with an interest in graphics, technology and social media,” Abdul-Malik continued. “This will afford them the opportunity to gain valuable experience, build a portfolio, have their names credited on apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores and learn the inner workings of a startup.”

Brown Skin Games is also seeking partnerships with key influencers having significant “social worth.” These new games utilize the influencer as characters, sharing revenue in exchange for marketing to their social media followers.

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Tharwat Abdul-Malik
Alazim Agency Inc
Atlanta, , GA

Phone: 404-736-9377
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