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Portion Control Takes Charlotte Today, World Tomorrow

Ace Medical Weight Loss Center creates the SlimPlate System, a portion control weight loss method.  (01/02/2014 15:21 PM)

Portion Control Weight Loss Method Becomes Popular Among the Nation

Many people are making choices considering the best weight loss method. The New Year is coming and many are making the important choice of New Years resolution. (12/13/2013 11:03 AM)

Modern Medical’s Opioid Defense Manager Sees Measureable Results in Just 12 Months.

Modern Medical, a Healthcare Solutions company, today announced outcomes for its Opioid Defense Manager™ (ODM) program. (11/20/2013 15:43 PM)

TraceLink and Optel Vision Collaborate for End-to-End Pharmaceutical Serialization, ePedigree and Global Track & Trace Solution

 TraceLink Inc announced a collaboration to deliver integrated serialization, ePedigree and traceability solutions for the global pharmaceutical supply chain. (11/11/2013 14:37 PM)

Novus Medical Detox Comments on Proposed California Bill—Drug Users Need Treatment Instead of Prison Sentence

As drug abuse continues its rampage on American society, many are questioning the effectiveness of sentencing addicted individuals to years in the prison system. (11/04/2013 13:50 PM)

Ace Medical Weight Loss Center Asks "What Caused Obesity and What is the Cure?"

Weight loss physicians search for the solution to America's growing obesity epidemic.  (10/15/2013 07:56 AM)

Athletic Propulsion Labs Helps Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Special Edition APL Concept 3 Basketball Shoes in Pink

Athletic Propulsion Labs® has released a special edition APL Concept 3 in pink and white to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (10/01/2013 10:57 AM)

New Migraine Treatment Provides Hope for Patients with Hemiplegic Migraine

Completely incapacitated for eight years by hemiplegic migraines, Otis Foshee's life was restored by the Reed Procedure a new migraine treatment. (09/23/2013 10:56 AM)

Nasseo’s TiArray™ Dental Implant System Receives FDA Approval

Nasseo, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved its TiArray™ Dental Implant System for commercial sale in the U.S. (09/16/2013 13:42 PM)

Source-Omega Powers New Omega-3 Mini Softgel with Medical DHA for Transversal Applications

United States premium algae oil omega-3 manufacturer Source-Omega launches its POWER OMEGA™ medical DHA bulk food supplement, made with oil derived.  (09/10/2013 13:53 PM)

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