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LatinosPost.Com And Kitara Media Launch Digital Recreation Partnership and Kitara Media announced today a digital recreation partnership making Kitara Media the exclusive content provider for the Games section on (11/25/2013 12:12 PM)

Kids World App Leader BluePin Contracts Enchanted Thyme Rhymes and Detective Media

New York-based Enchanted Thyme and BluePin of South Korea ink deal at MIPCOM in Cannes, France (10/24/2013 07:44 AM) Revamps Its Website Design, Making It More Attractive And Easy To Use, a leading consumer finance website that helps Americans save smart daily, has just completely revamped its website design to a more trendy and easily usable format.  (09/26/2013 11:02 AM)

In Front Media: Worried about Google’s Latest Updates? Don't Stress Out - Follow These Simple Tips For Good Search Positioning.

It’s a well-known fact that major Search Engines update the way they "rank" websites often. In fact at Google, it can and does happen daily.  (09/24/2013 12:55 PM) A New Homepage For All The Best Info About Artists and Celebrities allows users to access everything they could possibly want to know about their favorite artists and celebrities in a new, fun, and unique way. (09/16/2013 13:46 PM)

Ascend Acquisition Corp. Completes Merger with Kitara Media and New York Publishing Group

Ascend Acquisition Corp. announced that it has completed the merger with Kitara Media, LLC (“Kitara Media”) and New York Publishing Group, Inc. (07/11/2013 08:12 AM)

Elegant Drapery Shop in St Louis Hosts Peacock Alley Bedding Event

The Curtain Exchange of St. Louis will have bedding expert Brad Cleveland at the shop May 1st to present the Peacock Alley spring line. (04/24/2013 08:21 AM)

Icon Media Direct Launches New Website and Redesigned Logo

Agency revamps appearance to compliment current innovative initiatives. (04/16/2013 07:53 AM)

The Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church will have a Special Screening of the Film Two Who Dared: The Sharps' War on March 24th

The Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church will host a special screening of the documentary TWO WHO DARED: THE SHARPS' STORY on Sunday, March 24, 2013.  (03/21/2013 08:12 AM) and Team-Up to Make Annual Tax Deadline a Day to Get Excited About

Long known for its looming annual tax deadline, the period between March to mid-April, has in recent years also developed a reputation as a season of giveaways and special deals.  (03/14/2013 08:04 AM)

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