March 06, 2015 Friday - updated 11:31 AM PT

Logan Solutions Launches

<p Mechanicsburg, , United States ( - March 06, 2015) Today, Logan Solutions announces the launch of, a unique site that features "just what the doctor needed" to document patient care efficiently using Dragon Medical voice recognition software. is the ecommerce site of Logan Solutions, a leading healthcare partner of Nuance Communications, makers of the award winning Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 voice recognition software. The site features a curated list of products and services known to give users the best experience with Dragon Medical.

"Have you picked a cell phone plan recently? The choices are endless. How do you ever know if you got what you need, let alone the best price?" asks Paul Logan, CRNP, the CEO of and Logan Solutions. "It's time that someone took the complexity out of implementing Dragon Medical and give clinicians just what they need. offers only the software, microphones and services known to give users the best experience with Dragon Medical."

No other Dragon Medical reseller knows the needs of practicing physicians, nurse practitioners and other clinicians like Their trainers are nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants, so they know your clinical documentation needs better than anyone.

"Don't just visit for the software, though," cautions Logan. "In the coming weeks we'll post videos and other tips and tricks to our blog 'From the Desk of Dr. Dragon' that both new and experienced users will find very useful." and Logan Solutions are located in Mechanicsburg, PA. Reach them at 888.318.8584 or visit

Media Contact:

Paul Logan
Doctor Dragon
Mechanicsburg, , PA

Phone: 610-795-7117
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