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Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Wins Governor Codey Award

Deelip Mhaske "One Stop Access" creator of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital accepted top honors in the fourth statewide competition for improving mental health services.  (06/28/2013 10:27 AM)

Tennessee Hospitals Take Aim at Medical Error with Aerial Aces

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety(TCPS) will be partnering with LifeWings Partners, LLC in its ongoing effort to make patient safety a priority across the state of Tennessee.  (03/27/2013 08:46 AM)

Independent Scentsy Consultant Kara Egan Supports Community with Scentsy Buddy Fundraiser | Promo Code: “Scentsy Wax” | St. Marks Hospital

Local Scentsy Independent Consultant Kara Egan is hoping to share a bit of Christmas cheer with children that will be in the hospital during the holidays. (12/30/2012 00:41 AM)

Best in the Bay Veterinary Hospital Adds Talented New Veterinarian to Team

Today Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care announce the hiring of Megan Armor, DVM. Dr. Armor joins established hospital after practicing at Groveway Veterinary Hospital. (10/25/2012 08:11 AM)

VersaSuite Receives CCHIT Clinical Research Certification

VersaSuite 8.0 is the first ever product to receive CCHIT’s add-on Clinical Research Certification. (10/16/2012 09:35 AM)

Florida Pain Clinics National Pain Institute Offering Over Ten Effective Back Pain and Sciatica Treatments at all Locations

The National Pain Institute is now offering over ten sciatica and back pain treatment at all seven of its locations.  (08/31/2012 09:33 AM)

Cognosys Technologies Launches Latest version of Hospital Management Information Suite "CogHMS" Certified by Microsoft Azure & HP Convergence Infrastructure Cloud

Cognosys Technologies Launches Hospital Management Information Suite "CogHMS" Certified by Microsoft Azure & HP Convergence Infrastructure Cloud. (08/03/2012 07:51 AM)

New Pet Weight Loss Program Helps Reverse the Growing Trend of Pet Obesity

Pet Slim Down from Purina Veterinary Diets emphasizes veterinary involvement, owner education and peer support as keys to weight loss success (10/01/2010 08:27 AM)

Phoenix Massage Envy to Continue Partnership with Phoenix Children's Hospital

Over $10,000 to-date already donated by local co-op (06/23/2010 10:03 AM)

Doctors Practice Medicine in Fear, New Study Finds

Doctors Estimate Defensive Medicine Costs Americans $650-850 Billion Annually (02/26/2010 15:14 PM)

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