March 19, 2015 Thursday - updated 16:26 PM PT

Global Facility Management & Construction Promotes Mike Russo to Vice President of Operations

<p Melville, , United States ( - March 19, 2015) Global Facility Management & Construction is thrilled to announce the promotion of Mike Russo to Vice President of Operations. With over 20 years experience, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge when leading the day to day operations at Global.

"Mike has been an integral part of Global’s tremendous growth over the past three years,” said Lauryn Blank, Global's CEO. “I am confident that Mike will thrive in his new position and continue to guide his team to provide the exceptional service that keeps Global on the forefront of this ever-changing industry.”

When asked about his new position, Mike stated, “What excites me most about this position is working with our management team to strategize and continue the incredible growth of the company. In 3 years I have watched Global more than double in size - I look forward to where we will be in the coming years!”

Global is a leader in the facility management industry performing superior remodel, rollout, repair, cleaning and construction services throughout the United States and Canada. Operating with its own proprietary software, they offer clients free access to view all work orders, reports and other relevant information. In addition to their relationships with more than 10,000 technicians, they also self-perform services throughout major cities in the US allowing them to offer the lowest possible prices and the highest level of communication with the most reliable technician performance in the industry.

Media Contact:

Sean Blank
Global Facility Management & Construction
Melville, , NY

Phone: 866-213-2337
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