April 08, 2015 Wednesday - updated 17:34 PM PT

GBS Makes Major Investment in Oracle Technology

Springfield, , United States (IBwire.com - April 08, 2015) Group Benefit Services (GBS) has announced that as a result of robust growth over the past 24 months, GBS has entered into an ongoing agreement to deploy the complete suite of Oracle technology to support its claims operations and goals of greater capacity, additional technological solutions, significantly increased operating speeds, and highly encrypted security protocols.

The Oracle package is a completely integrated IT server and software solution. GBS Operations Manager Kim Angeles stated, “There will no longer be any disconnect between software and hardware. Utilizing Oracle software and hardware technology allows for seamless integration, making everything more in tune and allowing GBS to optimize all aspects of our integrated services.”

Oracle technology offers best-in-class security and encryption. Angeles added, “GBS knows that protecting our clients’ information is of the utmost importance, and our clients’ security is a top priority. Using Oracle’s premier data solutions enables GBS to secure our clients’ data even more effectively, placing us at the forefront of the industry.” Oracle StorageTek solutions are also highly scalable up to 40 petabytes, enabling both efficiency and substantial growth. This places GBS in a position to support nationwide business expansion for years to come.

Group Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS) is an insurance claim technology organization headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. GBS has twenty-five years of experience in creating and administering self-funded health plans. A high level of flexibility and proven expertise gives GBS the ability to accommodate a diverse client base by developing innovative solutions, offering market-competitive pricing, and providing high quality service to help all clients achieve their individual objectives of lower healthcare costs, optimal health outcomes, and positive member experience.

For more information about Group Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS), visit www.gbs-tpa.com.

Media Contact:

Faith Pierce
Group Benefit Services, Inc.
Springfield, , MO

Phone: 800.995.3569
Website: www.gbs-tpa.com
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