March 25, 2015 Wednesday - updated 16:17 PM PT

Fortress Builders of Columbia Setting the Bar Even Higher

Columbia, , United States ( - March 25, 2015) Fortress has been recognized by the Columbia building industry as one of the Top 10 Builders and won the Regal award for their great achievements. "We have grown as well as I expected, I have built a great team of sales agents, office leadership and a great ability to work with land developers for great locations for our homes," Sinnett said. "As an experienced Real Estate agent and having worked very successfully in the Columbia market we knew the right product and location," said Kern and Sinnett.

Fortress Builders with only 9 employees has been tenacious at the new home market and has grown it land position to 23 neighborhoods throughout the Columbia, Lexington, Elgin and Chapin markets. "Fortress awesome growth can be attributed to great product, a great team and the ability to change and ad new and exciting features to our homes," Sinnett said. "An example is building our homes now with the Honeywell Tuxedo touch home automation and security. Fortress Builds to a higher standard of Energy Efficiency building all homes and having them inspected by a third party to the HERS Standards, building their homes to be as much as 30% more efficient than a normal code built home. Our homeowners are seeing the great advantage and cost savings. As for 2015 we are positioned to increase our sales at least 30-35%, we have great land position and are launching new product designs and increasing our Custom home sales by 20%. My team is excited and 2015 will prove to be a great year for us," Sinnett said.

Media Contact:

William Sinnett
Fortress Builders
Columbia, , SC

Phone: 803-461-1525
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