June 10, 2015 Wednesday - updated 09:20 AM PT

Florida Capital Bank, N.A. Named Top Community Lender for FY14

Jacksonville, , United States (IBwire.com - June 10, 2015) The economy in Florida is on the rise and small business lending is growing. As an increasing number of small business owners across the state are looking to grow their businesses, trusted community lenders like Florida Capital Bank, N.A. are providing financial expertise to help them achieve their goals. Florida Capital Bank, N.A. was named Top Community Bank Lender by Dollar Amount and Number of Loans by the SBA's North Florida District Office.

About Florida Capital Bank, N.A.

At Florida Capital Bank, we care about understanding your business goals, and finding the right solutions to help you reach them. As your business continues to grow, financial planning will be critical to your success. Our qualified team can be there, by your side, every step of the way, providing expert advice to help you with those important decisions. As a partner, Florida Capital Bank can guide you through all the financial options available for your business as well as your personal banking needs.

For more SBA loan information and other financial services, visit www.floridacapitalbank.com.

Media Contact:

Robert Higel
Florida Capital Bank, N.A.
Chief Financial Officer
Jacksonville, , FL

Phone: 904-472-2742
Website: www.floridacapitalbank.com
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