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Global Facility Management & Construction Promotes Mike Russo to Vice President of Operations

Global Facility Management & Construction is thrilled.. (03/19/2015 16:26 PM)

The Reschini Group Promotes Douglas Schwab

The Reschini Group promoted Douglas Schwab... (12/22/2014 10:30 AM)

Reliance Mechanical Services - Serving Long Islands HVAC needs

Reliance Mechanical Services of Long Island provides high quality commercial and residential HVAC solutions. Heating, Air Conditioning, Oil to gas. (03/17/2014 11:11 AM)

Africa Energy Experts Convene in Denver

Access to affordable, reliable, clean and economically viable energy supply is essential to Africa's economic growth and human development.  (11/14/2013 13:46 PM)

Oil and Gas Entrepreneur, John Schiffner, Vindicated in Colorado Courts

Suit against John Schiffner in the State of Colorado finally comes to a close after a four year battle. (11/05/2013 11:38 AM)

Energy Independence: WRCOG Seeks to Mold the Inland Empire into a Leader in Energy Efficiency

There are about 30 councils of government in California and over 400 throughout the United States, Bishop says.  (11/04/2013 13:46 PM)

Energy Captured from a Single Wave: AOE Now Proven Technology

AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy’s (AOE) 1/8 scale prototype captured ocean energy in the Sooke Basin last week. (09/18/2013 08:19 AM)

Westinghouse and Vítkovice Take First Concrete Steps Towards Building Czech AP1000® Reactors

Westinghouse and Vítkovice Take First Concrete Steps Towards Building Czech AP1000® Reactors (07/25/2013 08:21 AM)

EMEX, LLC announces Community Aggregation for Electricity Procurement in New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania

EMEX, LLC announces its newest online platform for the aggregation of electricity procurement in New Jersey, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. (07/01/2013 08:47 AM)

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