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Duravac unveils new website design

Babylon, United States ( - November 10, 2015)

DuraVac Presents Customers with New, User-Friendly Website

DuraVac is proud to present its customers with a sleek, modern website. With an innovative new web design, the central vacuum company hopes that its customers will find it easy to access all of the information they need on its site. Besides having extensive information on the company’s history, customers will also find out more about DuraVac’s full line of services. This includes the company’s revolutionary Hide-A-Hose technology as well as the types of installations available.

The website also features central vacuum facts, which highlight the healthy and clean air that comes with a central vacuum. Most importantly, DuraVac’s new website is a convenient way to get in touch with the company regarding questions, service appointments, and much more, thanks to a new contact form in place. It also includes a map of Long Island with a marker on DuraVac’s location. This contact form is how the company is creating more streamlined communication methods with its customers.

Another great highlight of this new website is its mobile responsive capabilities. Now customers can easily access DuraVac’s website on their phones or tablets whenever they need a central vacuum installation or repair on Long Island.

The owner of DuraVac, Mike Pepe, is confident that this change in web design is a step in the right direction for his company. “This new website gives our customers a better idea of who we are as a company, as well as how much a central vacuum can really benefit your home,” he said.

For over 50 years, DuraVac has served Long Island with central vacuum installations, repairs, and more. To keep up with changes in the vacuum industry, the company is always offering new products to better serve its customers. Videos of these products are always featured on the website as well.

DuraVac prides itself on its extensive knowledge of every relevant model in today’s vacuum industry. This knowledge is applied whenever its technicians perform any kind of central vacuum repair. All of DuraVac’s installations and repairs are known for lasting many years down the road with no complications.

Vacuums were first invented in 1860 and have come a long way since then. It was many years of development before vacuums not only became portable, but were also designed to clean the floors of homes. It took until the early 1900s for vacuums to even start to resemble those commonly known today. Nowadays, central vacuum systems are becoming increasingly popular, and DuraVac loves the opportunity to bring this new kind of technology to homes across Long Island.

The company aims to revolutionize residential homes in New York with modern central vacuum systems. Unlike regular vacuums, central vacuum tanks remain in an isolated area of a home. These vacuums are also completely integrated into the home for added convenience, just like many other appliances. Nowadays, central vacuums are considered a necessity for homes with extensive hardwood and carpeted floors. They easily eliminate any dirt, pet dander, dust, and more from this type of flooring.

There are many reasons to choose a central vacuum over traditional models. In fact, these newer systems are known for their amazing benefits. The best part about using a central vacuum is that it will result in cleaner air within any home. This is an absolute necessity for those with asthma or allergies. Central vacuum models also have far more cleaning power than regular models, which results in cleaner floors in less time. In addition, the tank of the vacuum will remain in an isolated area such as a basement, minimizing the amount of noise caused. Furthermore, a central vacuum is a great investment to improve the valuation of your home. All of these reasons explain why central vacuum cleaners are increasing in popularity among Long Island homeowners.

With DuraVac’s new web design, it’s now easier to get in contact with the company about installing a central vacuum system in one’s home. DuraVac’s staff is excited to speak with interested potential customers through its updated website.

For over 50 years, DuraVac has been installing and servicing residential and commercial central vacuum systems, all throughout Long Island and New York City’s five boroughs. Their products and services range from central vacuum parts and bags to full-service installations and repairs. Visit them at or call them at 516.822.3060.



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