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Dental Check Ups Suggested Prior to Teeth Whitening

Fort Worth, , United States (IBwire.com - April 15, 2015) More and more people today are choosing tooth-whitening procedures to reverse the effects of aging and abuse from food and tobacco stains. Patients who are considering having their teeth whitened should always have a thorough dental check up first to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy, according to Dr. Randy Parham at FortWorthDentist.com. White teeth are not necessarily healthy teeth.

Dr. Parham is trained to diagnose and treat oral health conditions. In addition, he can evaluate certain factors that may determine whether teeth whitening will be comfortable and whether the patient will receive the desired results.

Teeth can become stained for various reasons. One type of stain – caused by traumatic injuries, medications and fluorosis – actually begins inside the tooth; brushing and flossing does not help. Other type of stains – ones that can be more attacked by brushing – is caused by external factors such as foods, colored liquids or smoking.

Whitening toothpastes or agents can brighten your teeth, but they are only effective on certain types of stains. For example, bleaching agents have a difficult time removing brownish or grayish stains. These products also are not as effective on pitted or badly discolored teeth, or on restorations such as crowns, bridges, bonding and tooth-colored fillings (porcelain veneers or dental bonding may be more appropriate in this case). Professional whitening performed by our office is considered to be the most effective and safest method; done properly, tooth whitening can last as long as 16 months.

For more information about teeth whitening and oral health, contact Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. for information. His team of professionals can help answer any questions specific to your dental health. www.FortWorthDentist.com 817-926-1300

Randy A. Parham, D.D.S., one of the most respected dentists you will find in Fort Worth, Texas. We are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to our patients and their families. Our commitment to our patients is to improve the health and well-being of each and every patient through the delivery of excellent clinical aesthetic dentistry. We will provide this in a caring and comfortable atmosphere. Our compassionate dental team utilizes the latest in technology, research and education.

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