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Five Smart Tips to Help Shoppers Nab After Christmas Clearance Before It Sells Out offers consumers a smart, fast resource to compare thousands of after Christmas clearance sales and deals. (12/20/2013 15:11 PM)

Maryland-Based Consulting Firm, DSFederal Inc. Grows 5,151%, Takes Its Place Among Nation’s Top Firms

Founded in 2007, Maryland-based consulting firm, DSFederal, Inc. has made a name for itself by providing IT Solutions to a wide variety of Federal customers.  (08/27/2013 08:01 AM)

New Christmas Card Ordering System Announced By

There is something special about a paper Christmas card arriving in the mail; it just feels different from email or text greetings.  (12/08/2012 10:06 AM)

Online Black Friday Shopping Tips & Tricks Help Shoppers Get Deals at Home

With stores frustrating shoppers with Thursday openings, more shoppers than ever will be turning to their computer to get their Black Friday shopping done. (11/17/2012 13:04 PM)

QualityStocks Blog - A Year of Growth and Philanthropy for Skinny Nutritional Corp. (SKNY)

Skinny Nutritional Corp. has established their Skinny Water® brand as a clear alternative to other products in the enhanced water space. (11/17/2012 13:02 PM) Leaks Every Major Black Friday Sale, Giving Consumers the Advantage has once again posted leaked copies of every major retailer’s Black Friday sale, giving consumers the advantage when shipping on Black Friday this year. (11/12/2012 13:00 PM)

Creapptor releases Passdock’s price policy: Simple Solutions for Professionals, Small and Large Businesses

Anyone can create and distribute Passbook passes at no cost using Passdock. (11/07/2012 08:38 AM)

Important Customer Service Announcement

Effective September 4th, 2012 Rotobec USA will offer a new 800 number to take calls related to grapple and loader sales. (11/05/2012 09:14 AM)

New Applications for Infrared Lamps to Fuse Inks

Printing messages or pictures on dimensional plastic products is not a simple drying or curing application like what is typically done on flat substrates using waterbased inks. (10/21/2012 10:44 AM)

Search, Social or SuperCommerce? The Future of Mobile Wallets and Commerce

Mobile Wallets will be transform the way we search, shop, save and pay. Social media paired with consumer reviews through Mobile Wallet, will serve as a 'Word of Mouth' megaphone. (10/19/2012 09:55 AM)

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