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Idola188 .com Continues to Keep Online Betting Alive

Brisbane, Australia ( - August 27, 2012) IDOLA188. COM, known as the “Master Agent Betting Bookies for Football”, has played an instrumental role in the operations and promotions of online gall betting. As the premier provider of online betting account creation, it today provides attractive bonus each of its players. Product offerings also come in diverse packages and always introducing the latest, as well as, the safest way to engage in online gaming.

In addition, is the only online gambling agency at some other online Casino gambling websites.

IDOLA188. COM, which tries its utmost best to give excellent online gaming service, is also known for its easy and fast playing.

“In fact, we are always putting in measures and safeguards to protect against all eventualities that may impede a player from pursuing his or her online gaming goals. “Complaints and all concerns put forward by our players are speedily addressed and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

“Being honest and keeping faith in our system and players are our main aims in this online gaming business,” says the site’s owner.

Here are 10 frequently asked question (FAQs) the company has answered from their players. The aim is to make them become more knowledgeable about who the company is, what it does, and most importantly, what is expected of each of its players:

Q. How can I open an account at a site like bet Sportsbook, Online Casino, etc?

A. To open an account on these sites, you should first register to become a member of our site. Once you become our member, you can register for the opening of the account.

Q. At what time I can start betting?

A. You can immediately do the betting after enrolling into a member, and make deposits in accordance with your wishes and budget.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum Deposit amount?

A. The Minimum Deposit is 200,000 Rupiah and there is no cap on the maximum amount.

Q. When can I make a Deposit and when to Deposit in the process?

A. The Deposit can be done at any time and we will process your Deposit once we know the money is in our account.

Q. Can I cancel my bets?

A. Yes, but bets already in confirmation can't be cancel.

Q. How do I withdraw funds from my betting account?

A. Just by filling out the form on the page of the Member's Area to Withdraw to the withdrawal of funds. Time for the withdrawal of money is every day, we're just going to transfer the money to a bank account that suits you register when performing the registration.

Q. Are my personal data safe?

A. We will not disseminate or provide your personal data to anyone as well.

Q. What should I do if I forgot my password?

A. Please click the "Forgot Password" on the front page of

Q. What should I do if I can't log in?

A. Please contact Customer Services immediately.

Q. How do I transfer my balance from one website to another?

A. Simply fill out the form to Transfer balances. Balance Transfer can only be made if both accounts are yours alone. You cannot move your balance into someone else’s account,

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