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First Online Magazine for Orthodox Jewish Women

United States (IBwire.com - February 21, 2013)

Announcing the world’s first online magazine for frum Jewish women, Yideeda.com. Encompassing all the little details that make a frum woman unique, Yideeda.com is here to guide and entertain her throughout the Jewish year. From kosher recipes and inspiring articles to skincare and health news, from organizing and cleaning tips to parenting and travel advice, this is the new online destination that will deliver what you need when you need it.

Let’s face it; our needs are different from the rest of the world. Our food is different, our style of dress is different and our sensitivities are different. At Yideeda.com you will be able to access information on the topics that interest you without being exposed to inappropriate material. Read about:

· Kosher recipes chosen with the Jewish calendar/holidays in mind

· Tips on creative food preparation

· Guides for cooking, organizing, purchasing

· Home management and organization tips

· Money saving ideas

· Latest gadgets for home & kitchen

· Home decorating ideas & styles

· Advice from experts & specialists in a variety of fields

· Parenting articles and tips.

· Diverse topics tackled across geographic and ethnic divides

· Inspiration & informative articles and columns tailored to the Orthodox Jewish woman

· Travel and day trips planned with the unique needs of the Jewish families & couples in mind, including access to kosher food and synagogues

· Information on health, exercise, skin care and style

· Online shopping advice with advance “sales” notification

· Activities & crafts for kids

· International calendar of community events

· A variety of Journals updated daily by women with diverse life experiences

· Daily brain teasers and active polling

· Chesed Board for job listings, gemachs & a host of other things

· Kosher consumer alerts

· Emergency direction & guidance in times of disasters

Visit www.yideeda.com (or y613.com for shortcut access) to see the website that’s taking the Jewish world by storm.

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Michael Lefkovits

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