February 21, 2013 Thursday - updated 11:00 AM PT

Dals Korea’s ‘HD Mega Pixel’ received 2012 Good Design Award

Seoul, South Korea (IBwire.com - February 21, 2013) Dals Korea Co., Ltd. (representative: Jae-Hyung Lee), a company specializing in video recording equipment for security, said that ‘HD Mega Pixel’, the company’s CCTV security camera, has been selected as a superior design product in the product design division of ‘2012 Good Design Award’ which is hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and supervised by Korea Insititute of Design Promotion.

The ‘Good Design Award’ was established in 1985 to facilitate the development of product designs. Under the Industrial Design Promotion Act, the award grants GD(Good Design) mark to superior products after comprehensively examining the aesthetics, functionality, economic values, etc. of the products. For the GD designation in 2012, a total of 1,739 products of 811 companies made applications and 615 products were certified for usage of GD mark.

Dals Korea’s ‘HD Mega Pixel’ was recognized for its unique feature and aesthetics by diversifying the design while not damaging the safety of the CCTV which is used at public places. Especially, the product was designed by 2 RABBIT, a famous Korean design consulting company, to add to its special character.

A spokesperson for Dals Korea said, “We are glad that our design policy which puts priority on the practice of creative thinking has been recognized by receiving the award. We will continue to contribute to the social safety network by developing more professional and creative security system.”

Since its establishment in 2005, Dals Korea has developed and supplied more than 100 kinds of innovative and stable CCTV cameras with its own technology in the market of video recording equipment for security both home and abroad. Currently Dals Korea is selling its security equipment through its sole distributors located in 35 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia, etc. and at the same time actively doing OEM business for major overseas brands. 

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