February 18, 2013 Monday - updated 13:31 PM PT

Bad Credit Auto Loans Lender, Complete Auto Loans, Helps 3000 Applicants Get an Auto Loan Despite Their Poor Credit History

United States (IBwire.com - February 18, 2013)  With over 3000 loan applications processed, http://www.completeautoloans.com/ advances to becoming a valid consumer resource for getting drivers the car they need. They boast a 99.8% success rate in getting drivers approved for the vehicle they are looking for.

The owner of "CAL" says, "This is an important step our company is taking. With increased demands for bad credit auto loans we are able to more effectively meet broad consumer demands for poor credit history loans." He goes on to say, "We expect to continue to see lenders decrease stipulations on the industry as more people faithfully pay back their loans to creditors." Get an Auto Loan here.

Complete Auto Loans has received great responses from drivers as well. A Seattle area resident says, "I needed an auto loan to replace my old car but I could not find a lender who would accept me with my poor credit history. Thanks to Complete Auto Loans for helping me not only get a loan but get enough money to buy a decent car." Here's a link to the auto loan website.

The application process is simple. It take about 60 seconds to fill out the online application from one's phone or mobile device. After the application has been submitted it will be matched with a lender who will best serve the applicant based upon their credit history. This means every applicant receives the lowest possible loan.

About Complete Auto Loans
Complete Auto Loans serves drivers on a national level for poor credit history loans. They've helped thousands of applicants get into the car they need with their trusted lending network. They also provide resources for credit repair and credit reports. Find out how to get an auto loan here.

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