February 15, 2013 Friday - updated 14:18 PM PT

Darbs released DSA-100P, a portable DTV signal quality measuring instrument

South Korea (IBwire.com - February 15, 2013) Darbs Co., Ltd., (Representative: Yong-Seok Kim, www.darbs.co.kr), a leader in broadcasting communication equipment, introduced a new product in Dec. 2012 - ‘DSA-100P’, a portable measuring instrumenet for DTV transmission and relay. 

DSA-100P can not only ayanlyze the quality of signal of ground wave DTV and T-DMB but also has spectrum function as an integrated support equipment which can measure signals in 300Hz~3GHz band width . The product maximizes the efficiency in on-site operation and maintenance.

Equipped with FPGA-based real time demodulator, DSA-100P can quickly analyze DTV signal. In addition, TV signal quality measuring function at the level of foreign fixed type measuring instruments have been realized with easy portability with the accumulated technology of Darbs and small and light design. Much effort was made to enhance the convenience of operators with 10.4 inch LCD high-resolution display monitor, efficient interface with multitouch function, easy analysis data reporting function, etc. 

A spokesperson for Darbs emphasized the special characteristic of the product by saying, “The product realized GUI specialized for the analysis of DTV and T-DMB signal, and is designed to be operated either for a portable device or fixed device in the field.” 

Currently, DSA-100P has finished its initial delivery for KBS headquarters, Korea Telecommunications Technology Association, etc. and is preparing for follow-up delivery. 

Darbs Co. Ltd. was established in 2007 as a professional developer of broadcasting and communication equipment, and possesses advanced technologies not only in general DTV relay technology but also same channel repeater and distributed translator. In addition, the company has played a leading role in the domestic production of the broadcasting equipment in Korea from the localization of the exciter for transmission and relay in 2010 to the recent localization of the DTV signal quality measuring instrument. 

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