February 15, 2013 Friday - updated 14:13 PM PT

Jeongwon Tech will release a new router during the first half of this year

South Korea (IBwire.com - February 15, 2013) Jeongwon Tech Co. Ltd. (www.jeongwontech.co.kr) will release a new router which will support wireless communication and remote monitoring control during the first half of this year.

The new product, ‘M2M Wireless Router’, will introduce the concept of black box and is expected to be very helpful to the inspection of industrial devices or life support appliancs. It can be also used for reading electric meter or water gauge by wireless communication, remote monitoring control, and connection with the Internet.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We expect that the new product will present a new direction for the rapidly changing communication industry. We will continue to offer customized core solutions and consulting services putting top priority of the company on the success and trust of our customers.” 

Jeongwon Tech Co. Ltd. has established a solid foothold as a professional developer of process system and testing equipment such as semiconductor and LED and it especially distinguishes itself in the design and production of customized ultraprecision laser processing equipment, wireless telecommunication in network area, and cellular communication area. 

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