February 13, 2013 Wednesday - updated 08:54 AM PT

Atlanta LASIK Surgeon Announces Need for American-Trained Eye Surgeon in the Middle East

Atlanta, United States (IBwire.com - February 13, 2013)  On February 9th, American board certified ophthalmologist and Atlanta LASIK surgeon Dr. Ashraf of the Atlanta Vision Institute announced an increase in requests for his services in Dubai, resulting in him making more frequent visits to the Middle East to help those in need of corrective surgery. As more patients are taking note of the lower standard of surgical practices in the Middle East, several Dubai residents are turning to Dr. Ashraf for corrective vision surgery.

When interviewed, Dr. Ashraf remarked, “Most of my patients in Dubai have realized that an American physician brings a higher level of care to eye surgery.” Credited with a prestigious academic background, Dr. Ashraf performed an ophthalmology residency at George Washington University and participated in advanced training in corneal and refractive surgery at Johns Hopkins, which is ranked as one of the top academic institutions in the United States. “It’s my passion to help people see clearly so they can live a better life,” states Dr. Ashraf.

LASIK surgery uses a laser to reshape the cornea in order to improve overall vision. LASIK is a quick and relatively simple procedure that improves vision instantly. Patients are able to return to their normal routine the very next day. LASIK surgery has revolutionized vision correction and has allowed millions of Americans to see clearly without the hassle of glasses or contacts.

Dr. Ashraf is highly skilled in the latest LASIK practices, which make the surgery safer and even more precise than ever. Dr. Ashraf has performed more than 40,000 laser eye surgeries and continues to satisfy his patients with his precision, experience and knowledge. At the Atlanta Vision Institute in Georgia, Dr. Ashraf utilizes only the most advanced technology and equipment for every diagnosis, exam, and surgery. For more information about Dr. Ashraf, visit the Atlanta office website at http://www.atlanta2020.com or the Dubai office website at http://www.dubailasik.com.

Media Contact:

Shaina Moua
Atlanta Vision Institute
Atlanta, GA

Phone: 770-622-2488
Website: www.atlanta2020.com/
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