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Blue Ridge CEO Greg White Featured in Gary Patterson Business Leadership Book

Atlanta, United States (IBwire.com - February 12, 2013)  Greg White, CEO of leading SaaS demand forecasting, replenishment and analytics provider Blue Ridge, was recently published in the business leadership book Million Dollar Blind Spots, 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth. Author Gary Patterson interviewed the CEO on topics ranging from executive vision to communication and leadership, and published the questions and answers session in his new book about guiding business decisions for increased profitability.

In the interview, Patterson extracted powerful insights about collecting information from a business team, evaluating potentially problematic situations and developing business processes that breed success. When asked about how the Blue Ridge CEO ensures he is asking the right questions to have a big picture view, White responded, “I make it a personal goal to ask the proper questions to get a clear picture from my folks…you get what you inspect. I measure everything.” White then continued, “It is my responsibility to extract concise, complete, and correct information from the team, and I strive to make that my burden.”

Gary W. Patterson worked with Greg White and other driven leaders in the business community to gather understandings of profit opportunities as well as costly pitfalls that are commonly overlooked by even seasoned executive management professionals. Million Dollar Blind Spots, 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth combines understandings of sales, marketing, human capital and more to analyze current business condition in order to guide readers towards greater economic gains.

Greg White is considered by many as both a notable business leader and an expert in the inventory replenishment and demand planning industry. White has been involved in the supply chain industry for over twenty years, and he has been at the helm of Blue Ridge for five years now. His past experience in the retail and inventory planning has cultivated a drive to develop innovative solutions for the supply-chain community. White stated, “I managed inventory and merchandising for decades in retail, and now with Blue Ridge my goal is to provide technology that will capture more sales and minimize inventory risk to generate cash for retailers and distributors of every size.”

About Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge leads the way in enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service supply chain solutions. Blue Ridge solutions and services turn inventory investments into cash flow and revenue generation opportunities. The company’s robust cloud-based solutions deliver a tightly-integrated, yet flexible architecture for demand analytics, forecasting, planning, replenishment, SKU rationalization and other demand-driven optimization solutions to provide a sound foundation on which companies can solidify and enhance their supply chain initiatives. To find out why global supply chain leaders such as CVS, Home Hardware, Burris Logistics, CRP Industries, Europris, K. Ekrheim, Martin Brothers and Procurator trust Blue Ridge’s unmatched solutions and expertise as their inventory alignment partner, visit http://www.blueridgeinventory.com

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