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E2020 Becomes Edgenuity with Launch of an Engaging New Student Experience

Scottsdale, United States (IBwire.com - February 06, 2013)  E2020, Inc. today revealed a powerful new student experience with a host of features designed to drive deeper student engagement and help schools and districts realize the full potential of their online and blended learning models. In step with the launch of its new platform, e2020 also comes to the market with a new brand identity: Edgenuity. The new name captures the innovative, student-centered approach the company is taking to deliver truly personalized instruction.

Sari Factor, Edgenuity CEO, said, “When students are engaged and teachers are able to focus on delivering personalized instruction, the learning experience can be transformed. Edgenuity embodies our vision of a blended education model where online learning and classroom teaching come together to create an environment that enables teachers to focus their talents and skills to drive better student outcomes.”

The goal of Edgenuity’s ongoing innovation is to motivate students to become active in shaping their own success by promoting greater engagement with their coursework. A growing body of research shows a significant and positive correlation between total time spent learning and overall course grade, including a 2009 study by the U.S. Department of Education that suggested performance improved for online learners who spent more time on task.

The highly interactive student experience was informed by the latest research on learning effectiveness, iNACOL quality standards, and thousands of teachers who used Edgenuity and other online courses.

Factor added, “This experience was not conceived in a lab. We brought educators to the table to discuss student engagement. We evaluated the evidence that indicated the more time spent with an assignment, the better the outcome, and then brought this combination of powerful anecdotal and research-based evidence into our product development. We are proud of the level of engagement, rigor, interactivity and personalized instruction our new student experience will deliver.”

Key elements of the new Edgenuity platform include:

    Robust curriculum – Hundreds of course choices to prepare students for college and the workplace - from Core Curriculum to AP®, World Language, CTE and dozens of engaging electives.

    Powerful tools – Student-centered tools facilitate learning and encourage completion of tasks. For example, key study skills are fostered through direct instruction videos that are now captioned and can be translated into 18 languages, a lesson glossary that develops content-area vocabulary and e-notes that are time-stamped to on-screen content so that students can easily revisit concepts as needed.

    Tablet ready – Unique among online learning solutions, all Edgenuity courses are now tablet compatible for those schools and districts making tablets available to students as part of their digital strategies.

    Cultivating life-long learners – Personalized instruction and ongoing feedback motivates students to take responsibility for their own learning and success. As they become self-regulators of their learning, students build other, essential life skills that will position them for academic, career and life achievements.

The new student experience will be available for the 2013 school year and is the first in a series of significant product introductions that will be coming from Edgenuity. Visit http://www.edgenuity.com to experience the new offering.

About Edgenuity
Edgenuity (formerly E2020, Inc.) provides engaging online education solutions that propel success for every student, empower every teacher to deliver more effective instruction, and enable schools and districts to meet their academic goals. Edgenuity delivers a range of Core Curriculum, AP®, Elective, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Credit Recovery courses aligned to the rigor and high expectations of state, Common Core and iNACOL standards and designed to inspire life-long learning. Fully flexible for use in any blended or online learning model, Edgenuity supports an environment where personalized learning is possible. With 185 semester-long courses and growing, Edgenuity has already driven outcomes for more than 1 million students in schools and districts across the country. For more information, and to see Edgenuity in action visit http://www.edgenuity.com.

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