January 31, 2013 Thursday - updated 07:58 AM PT

Tadapix Animated Marketing Partners with Dataprise, Inc. on New Video Animation Introducing Cloud365™

Los Angeles, United States (IBwire.com - January 31, 2013)  

Tadapix, an industry leader in video animation, explainer videos and entertaining animated advertising, unveils a new video for Dataprise, Inc. introducing Cloud365™. The video is available on Dataprise's website and presents their revamped cloud services offering in a fun, friendly and creative way.

Dataprise, Inc. approached Tadapix to create an entertaining brand experience while communicating the core values of the company and key product features of Cloud365™. Through a collaborative process, Dataprise and Tadapix developed a creative concept showing the common technology challenges encountered by small and medium-sized businesses and how Dataprise can help solve those problems.    

“Working with Tadapix is truly a pleasure." said Daniel Clarke, Director of Marketing for Dataprise. "This was our very first video project and the team really took the extra time to understand our business and goals to create a really awesome video that was both informative and entertaining."

Animated videos are quickly becoming a leading method for communicating product information and branding to an online audience. With diminishing attention spans online, brands are turning to entertaining and fun video ads to make their company stand out from the crowded internet marketplace. Videos are also being featured in cutting-edge web design as it limits the amount of text needed on a homepage and creates a sleek, modern look while maintaining an information rich web experience.

Benefits include lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, better customer engagement and a more memorable brand experience. Animation is particularly popular with technology companies who need to quickly relay what their product or service does, show that it is not complicated to use and create a friendly, accessible brand image.

Brands and individuals looking to learn more about animated digital videos and online marketing should contact Tadapix’s Craig Ginsberg at (855) 823-2749.


Tadapix is a Los Angeles based marketing company specializing in video animation, interactive digital campaigns and branded content. Founded in 2007, Tadapix has created animated ads for the world's largest brands and hottest startups.


Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Dataprise, Inc. is a leading information technology managed services provider and systems integrator that solves the technology challenges of small and medium-size business. With offices in Washington, DC, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Northern Virginia, Dataprise is an outsourced technology partner to hundreds of clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic, helping organizations manage their networks and leverage their technology investments. Dataprise offers affordable technical support and consulting services including its revolutionary Support365™™ plans. These comprehensive, scalable plans meet the unique needs of small and medium-size businesses by offering a holistic and personal approach to IT support services. Learn more about Dataprise, Inc. by visiting http://www.dataprise.com and follow the firm at Twitter.com/dataprise.


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