January 31, 2013 Thursday - updated 07:51 AM PT

Four Financial Institutions Select nCino Bank Operating System Solution

Wilmington, United States (IBwire.com - January 31, 2013)  

nCino, LLC, the leader in secure, cloud-based bank operating solutions to the financial services industry, announced that four new customers have selected the company's Bank Operating System, specifically nCommercial, to improve efficiency and boost productivity and profitability gains. nCino's four new customers include Savannah, Georgia based The Coastal Bank, Four Oaks, North Carolina based Four Oaks Bank, Schaumburg, Illinois based Ridgestone Bank, and St. Joseph, Michigan based United Federal Credit Union.

nCino's Bank Operating System leverages the power and security of the Salesforce.com platform to provide transparency across relationship management, portfolio management and internal policies. nCommercial organizes and automates data, eliminating the use of spreadsheets and duplicate loan documents. Its reporting and dashboarding features also enable real-time tracking and the built-in nCompliance feature helps reduce regulatory compliance costs and policy exceptions.

"We selected nCino's bank operating system solution because it will enable us to provide faster loan decisions to our customers and improve the banking relationship experience," said Jim LaHaise, president and CEO of The Coastal Bank. "This new system will help us maximize efficiency, improve the management of our lending processes and enhance compliance reporting."

"At Four Oaks Bank, we searched for over a year before we were able to find a solution in nCino that fulfilled our workflow and operating system needs. nCino offered a full menu of applications, equal to or exceeding other software vendors, but a critical factor for us was it was clearly more user friendly. The other systems we looked at were overly complicated and difficult to navigate," said Alan Jewells, Senior Vice President of Four Oaks Bank. "The second critical factor was the flexible configuration style which nCino allows. Their ability to closely tailor the software to conform to us, rather than us conforming to it, was an unexpected benefit which we did not see in other solutions."

"By utilizing advanced cloud-based bank technology, these financial institutions are supporting and exceeding customer needs, standards and expectations, while creating a powerful competitive edge for themselves in the market," said Pierre Naudé, chief executive officer of nCino. "Lending specialists enjoy working with the nCino Bank Operating System because it streamlines processes, improving efficiency and reducing the probability for error throughout the loan cycle."

About nCino 

Wilmington, N.C.-based nCino, LLC is the leader in cloud-based bank operating solutions to the financial services industry. Through its flagship Bank Operating System solution comprised of nCommercial, nRetail, nCompliance and nMortgage, nCino leverages the power of Salesforce.com® to provide small- to mid-sized financial institutions with superior transparency and clarity into their existing loan production pipelines, portfolios and operating efficiencies across all business lines, resulting in increased profitability, productivity gains and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit http://www.ncino.com. 

For media and press inquiries email: press@ncino.com


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Jonathan Rowe
Wilmington, North Carolina

Phone: 910.777.5407
Website: www.ncino.com/
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