January 29, 2013 Tuesday - updated 19:27 PM PT

Smart phone applications now vying for better design

Seoul, South Korea (IBwire.com - January 29, 2013) The fierce competition for better design among smart phones now focuses on application design. With hundreds of new applications popping up everyday, applications which are attractive and easy to use now catch on.

However, the producers of application now have difficulty in choosing right designs. This is because the price of application gets higher if they assign the application design to a specialized company. At the same time, the quality gets lower if the producers themselves make the design by themselves and the designs would not be loved by consumers.

Under the circumstances, Smart4u announced that it would release "App Design" which provides high quality application design template via online at the end of february.

Through App Design, even petty application developers can get affordable, practical and attractive designs. The categories are verified - travel, health, business and finance. Hundreds of design templates befitting each category are available for users.

Consumers can simply purchase App design template but tailored services are also available according to the membership type.

A staff member at Smart4u said, "App Design template includes almost every core design such as icon, background, and tool-bar. Users can develop an attractive application which has high marketability.

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