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NHS Challenged To Be Paperless By 2014

Balham, United Kingdom (IBwire.com - January 29, 2013) A report published here has brought to the fore a mounting issue many large organisations are having – effective paperless data control.  The report highlights the impact poor data management has and is having on public bodies in particular. 

“The UK NHS invested a large amount of money into a paperless system that ultimately did not work.  We understand the increased demand companies and large bodies like the NHS have for effective data management systems and control which is why we always use leading edge technologies that allow our clients to manipulate information effectively.”

Mary Doyle, DQ Global


The report continues to highlight the challenges faced by both private and public sectors citing 99% of all trading companies as being unable to operate on paper systems and filing anymore.  Challenges facing organisations in the 21st Century are similar and require businesses to be fast and effective both in terms of cost and efficiency. 


The failure to put into place an effective computerised patient record system for the NHS brought the challenge of effective data control to the fore in the UK political forum.  The report cited patient records being held in tatty manila envelopes claiming that this kind of record keeping simply isn’t acceptable to a modern public paying for and expecting a good service. 


“Were we to lose any of our customer data as a result of shoddy and out-of-date record keeping, then the risk to our business would be too high for us to operate effectively.”

Steve Parrott,  Stoneways Insurance


The report concludes that the first step for every company and business is to understand the problem or challenge they have with their data.  The NHS challenge is not dissimilar to the challenge facing other companies with many still struggling to control their records.

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