January 29, 2013 Tuesday - updated 09:28 AM PT

The Olive Oil Source Expands Club Member Program with Worldwide Selections

Santa Ynez, United States (IBwire.com - January 29, 2013)  The Olive Oil Source Boutique today announced expanded options for The Club subscription membership program including a new range of international oils from around the globe. The Club gives members exclusive access to world-class new blends and flavors of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar every calendar quarter with two membership options – Private Reserve Club and Seasonal Bounty Club - available on their Boutique e-tail website (http://boutique.oliveoilsource.com/content/olive-oil-source-club).

“We are dedicated to bringing our Club members the best blends available year-round and flavors that match the seasons. With the representation of Southern hemisphere extra virgin olive oils like those from the new powerhouse growing region of Chile, members can enjoy the fresh olive oil all year long”, said Antoinette Addison, Vice President, The Olive Oil Source.

“Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age. Olive oil aficionados know that olive oil is at its peak at the beginning of its new harvest. The inclusion of these latest olive oils will mean that every quarter, we can share freshly-harvested product with our Club members,” explained Addison.

The Olive Oil Source Club membership program delivers extraordinary quality products on a quarterly basis including exclusive custom blends available to members only and samplings of the latest additions to the company’s extensive product line – all provided at preferred market pricing.

Private Reserve members receive one 375ml bottle of custom-blended extra virgin olive oil each quarter. As an extra bonus, a special 60ml sample size of a new product is included that is designed to expand culinary horizons and spark new ideas in the kitchen. At only $16 per quarterly package plus shipping, this club is simply the most affordable and smartest way to buy and experience the very best extra virgin olive oil all year long.

Seasonal Bounty Club members receive the added benefit of a full collection of products hand selected by The Olive Oil Source kitchen experts to celebrate the season at every occasion. Every quarterly shipment includes one 375ml bottle of exclusive-blend extra virgin olive oil, paired with one 375ml bottle of flavored olive oil and one 375ml bottle of balsamic vinegar for only $36 plus shipping. This package is perfect for olive oil fans looking to expand their knowledge with outstanding products at exceptional prices.

Club members enjoy these exclusive benefits:

    Quarterly shipments of package choice
    10% discounts and free shipping on additional Boutique product orders of $50 or more
    Exclusive member-only savings on special future offers
    No membership fees and no obligations – cancel any time
    100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

The Olive Oil Source is the most comprehensive olive oil resource for information, trends and products on everything about olive oil. Producers seeking information on the latest commercial equipment, retailers looking to source extra virgin olive oil and vinegar products, and consumers interested in learning the basics of what is olive oil and the latest information and trends in extra virgin olive oil will find “Everything but the Olive” at The Olive Oil Source.

The Olive Oil Source is owned and operated by Shawn and Antoinette Addison who have graduate education degrees in agricultural sciences and economics from Ecole Nationale d’Agronomie in France and from Stanford University and manage their own organic olive orchard and will in the Santa Ynez valley of California. They are among a select group of industry experts able to provide customers with information and products based on both current research and field experience. For more information about The Olive Oil Source, visit us at oliveoilsource.com

Media Contact:

Antoinette Addison
The Olive Oil Source
Santa Ynez, CA

Phone: 805-688-1914
Website: www.oliveoilsource.com/
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