January 28, 2013 Monday - updated 08:51 AM PT

Edmonton International Airport Expands, Adds Two New Soft Play Areas

Edmonton, United States (IBwire.com - January 28, 2013)  As part of a three-phase expansion, Edmonton International Airport (EIA) recently opened two new soft play areas for its youngest travelers.

“EIA takes its passenger experience very seriously and we want to create a memorable and positive experience for every person that passes through our doors,” says Kirstin Brown, Manager of Passenger Experience. “This includes families and our smallest passengers – the children. This indoor play area is perfect for them.”

According to Liz Dwernychuk, EIA Brand Advisor, every detail of the three-phase expansion was designed to provide the most comfortable, positive passenger experience possible.

“The passenger experience is so important to EIA that we have created a department specifically called ‘Passenger Experience’ to fully focus on the passenger’s experience from the moment they enter our grounds to the moment they leave,” says Dwernychuk.

According to both women, the airport’s two new aviation-themed, soft play areas help tremendously in creating a positive flying experience for families, and also for other passengers.

“When you travel, it is a stressful experience for people, especially for those traveling with children,” says Dwernychuk. “If we can get people into the gate area and get those kids to relax and run off steam on our playground equipment, they will feel better. And let’s face it, that’s good for everyone who gets on a plane with that family!”

Brown adds that a positive experience on the concourse can also increase retail and dining sales.

“In all honesty, when people are relaxed, they are more likely to enjoy our shops and services,” she says.

EIA’s new soft play areas were designed, manufactured and installed by PLAYTIME, LLC, the global provider of unique, interactive, healthy play areas and playground equipment for indoor, outdoor and water play.

The laser-like focus on every passenger’s experience at EIA will likely result in more business for the airport, says Dwernychuk.

“As an airport, we are competitive with other airports,” she says. “It’s a matter of enticing people to want to use our airport over others. The more memorable and positive that we can make it, the more competitive we’ll be.”

PLAYTIME’s soft play areas drive traffic and enhance customers' brands. Thousands of families experience PLAYTIME every day at shopping centers, restaurants, airports, stadiums, childcare, healthcare centers, fitness centers, churches, resorts, recreation centers, water parks and museums – any place that kids play.

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Phone: 303-662-0302
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