January 28, 2013 Monday - updated 08:46 AM PT

IIICTECH Unveils Mobile Authentication Solution, Signals End of Overdrafts

Dallas, United States (IBwire.com - January 28, 2013)  Americans paid more than $30 billion in bank overdraft fees in 2011, and nearly $40 billion last year. Many consumers struggle to know where their dollars go, and with constantly changing passwords, banks have made consumer confusion a profitable business.

According to industry experts, the first way to avoid overdraft fees to know one's balance, yet two-factor authentication & username & password security techniques make it difficult for consumers to know their balance at any moment. Despite legal action, virtually no legal reform, regulation or numerous class-action lawsuits, banks have done little to clean up deceptive consumer accounting practices.

WINK™, a patent-pending mobile app from IIICTECH™ (pronounced “three-c-tech”), puts an end to the banking madness. ATMs brought people physically closer to money; WINK brings people intellectually closer.

Soon consumers will walk into retail establishments like cafés and immediately receive account balance notifications before making a purchase? In its simplest form, WINK delivers balance data, before the point of purchase. It is like keyless vehicle entry for any account.

WINK eliminates the barrier to information that exists with current mobile banking apps. With WINK, users will no longer be required to stop and enter their username and security password simply to check a bank balance. WINK delivers balance data when & where it is needed most. It is the first On-Demand and Pre-Purchase Technology™ of its kind.

User defined criteria, and geo-fencing techniques alert users in real time. Fully customizable parameters provide consumers with complete independence to create not only reminders, but a method to develop responsible spending habits. BLINK™, the recently revealed wearable technology from IIICTECH, uniquely supports WINK & introduces an entirely new form factor to the smartphone & mobile-technology market.

Founder and CEO of IIICTECH, Matthew Irwin has secured more than $100,000 in private funding for the development of WINK. “No more games or fees. It’s time for real innovation in finance marketplaces. Now’s the time to wake up the banks,” said Irwin.

With an unparalleled service model and one-of-a-kind processes behind it, WINK is sending this message: Consumers can create healthy spending habits without the support of the banks. The app was not created to change banks, but rather encourage better decisions on behalf of consumers. Be among the first to Know Now™ in a new way & sign up for WINK at http://www.ismorethan.com.


The world’s most secure, simple and convenient mobile app for informed banking. Supported by BLINK, The Smartphone Interface Extension™ for iOS & Android devices. WINK was developed by IIICTECH, a tech startup driven by unspoken philanthropic ideals. Driven by a common goal: To do good; be excellent. IIICTECH goes beyond “better” technology and delivers “different” technology to users. WINK was recently joined by Yu Liu, research fellow at Princeton University and Associate Professor in the School of Electronic and Information Engineering at Tianjin University, as Chief Technology Officer. At its core the small group of developers, tech gurus and seasoned business pros craft great ideas for people everywhere.

Catch the teaser video that financial news websites call 'hallucinatory' and sign up to receive updates & reserve your spot on the alpha & beta lists. For more information about WINK or Founder and CEO, Matthew Irwin, catch him on Mondays from 1:00–2:00 p.m. PST on 89.5 FM KPOO, San Francisco, online at kpoo.com, http://www.rudvs.com or follow @WINK_BANK on Twitter.

Media Contact:

Matthew Irwin
Dallas, TX

Phone: 214-695-6663
Email: info@ismorethan.com
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