January 27, 2013 Sunday - updated 11:14 AM PT

New Legal Practice Management Software Lets Attorneys Manage, Organize Practice Online and Off

SALT LAKE CITY, United States (IBwire.com - January 27, 2013)  MatterCat, a legal practice management software, is now available for download to legal professionals looking to digitally organize their law firm. Company officials say they expect the cloud-based native tablet application to cut costs while transforming the way attorneys do business.

“There are a lot of different technologies out there to aid in organization,” said Doug Lyman, a spokesman for MatterCat. “But that’s the problem, there’s too many. You shouldn’t have to use one program to store client information, another for billing information and another for calendars and schedules. You should be able to find it all in one place and have it work seamlessly together.”

MatterCat lets lawyers and other legal professionals efficiently manage:

        Time and billing

        Case management


        Task management

        Client ledgers and statements

        Conflict avoidance

        Trust accounting

        Management reports

As a native application, MatterCat does not rely on an Internet connection to function, which allows attorneys to use the software offline without interruption when Internet access is slow or unavailable.

“We programmed MatterCat to run natively on a variety of devices in order to provide a superior user functionality and experience,” Lyman said. “Once the user returns to full Wi-Fi access, their data automatically synchronizes with the cloud.”
MatterCat’s cloud storage capabilities allow attorneys to share documents with other members of the firm, including other lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants while ensuring data is safely backed up.

“Cloud-based computing cuts down on IT and other associated business expenses,” Lyman said. “You no longer need to invest in expensive servers. The cloud is more reliable and flexible.”

According to Lyman, the MatterCat application is also compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive.

“MatterCat helps you organize all the data flowing through your firm,” Lyman explained. “You can manage documents and scanned files by client and subject, all using your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.”

MatterCat is free to use locally on a single device. Attorneys who want the ability to store data on the cloud and share information may do so for $29 per user per month.

The software is compatible with iOS and Android devices, tablets and Windows and Apple desktops and laptops. For more information or to request a download, please visit http://mattercat.com.

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