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eNail Supply reward customers after reaching their first target for 2013

United States (IBwire.com - January 27, 2013)  eNail Supply, the retailer of high quality branded beauty products for hands, feet and nails announced today their plans to offer a wide range of their most popular brands at sale and discount prices. The move comes after the company revealed they had reached their sales targets earlier this month.

They are keen to reward their customers for their loyalty and continued business so they are offering discounts for cheap Essie nail polish online and will be promoting an Essie nail polish sale in the near future.

CEO of eNail Supply, Mr Sudeep Arya said, “This is not just about reducing prices and selling cheap Essie nail polish. These are tough times we are operating in and care must always be taken to balance the offers with profitability. However, we are determined to reward all our customers for their continued loyalty to eNail Supply. Our customer return rate is excellent and improving every month. This and the massive surge in sales for the most popular brands during the last few weeks led management to plan for further discounts and sales.”
The company acknowledge this is a bold move. Traditionally, at this time of year, New Year discounts are coming to an end and retail quietens down. However, eNail Supply are using their sales figures and the positive forecasts to predict they will not be having a quiet time of it in the lead up towards Spring.

Mr Arya went on to say, “Our customers have a commitment to buying their favourite brands. They themselves have clients and customers who demand the best and they too are business people who are trying to make as much profit as possible. We are saying thank you to the beauty professionals we serve by offering an excellent value Essie nail polish sale so they can access cheap Essie nail polish online. We are simply showing our appreciation for their business.”

The company see their customers’ brand loyalty as a road map toward reaching their sales targets every month. A way to clearly see which products they should be selling, offering and which ranges to expand upon. And of course, while fashions are seasonal, the beauty industry, particularly with nail beauty, is on-going.

eNail Supply are taking full advantage of their popular position as a trusted supplier to beauty professionals and in so doing, are expanding their business and promoting it widely too. The management team intend to keep their customer focus as a way to ensure the sales momentum is maintained and rises in the coming months.

About us -
eNail Supplies provide professional and salon-quality beauty products for the hands, feet and nails. It stocks a huge range of nail beauty brands including cheap Essie nail polish and a fantastic range of Nailtiques products as well as a regular Essie nail polish sale, all from the popular online store and shipped worldwide. eNail Supply provide nail supplies cheap Essie nail polish online to licensed nail technician, aesthetician, depilatory professionals and beauty consultants as well as regular shoppers. It offers worldwide delivery and complimentary help and advice from a team of qualified technicians. Detailed information about discounted products can be found on the website.

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eNail Supply

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