January 26, 2013 Saturday - updated 11:38 AM PT

Floridaescape.com Offering Special Vacation Deals in Orlando and Miami

Orlando, United States (IBwire.com - January 26, 2013)

Floridaescape.com's new year specials include several hotel deals in Orlando and Miami--two of the most popular vacation destinations in the Sunshine State.

"Miami has a reputation of being a vibrant, international city," said Govind, president of Floridaescape.com. "Visitors can go across the causeway to Miami Beach and soak up the rich culture of the historic Art Deco district, or they could even take a day trip to the Everglades to get a totally natural experience of South Florida."

Special hotel deals on the Floridaescape.com for Miami include the Hotel Astor in Miami Beach and the Clinton Hotel and Spa in South Beach (Miami Beach).

From multicultural Miami to family-friendly Orlando, Floridaescape.com offers a wide variety of special deals in and around Orlando. "All of the Orlando theme parks are easily accessible from the local hotels, and many of the more upscale resorts have enough amenities and poolside attractions to keep guests entertained for the entire day," said Govind.

Special deals on Floridaescape.com for the Orlando area include the Hampton Inn and Suites in Kissimmee, FL, six Orlando area Marriott locations, the International Palm Resort on International Drive, Best Western Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Ramada Plaza Resort and Suites on International Drive, Holiday Inn Orlando, four Rosen hotels (Clarion Inn Lake Beuna Vista, Quality Inn International, Rosen Inn and Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando) and Radisson Orlando.

For more information on these money-saving offers and travel deals on dozens of other Florida cities, visit Floridaescape.com.

About Floridaescape.com: Floridaescape.com features the top Florida vacation package deals, travel articles, and links to related sites.

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