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Recognising the tremendous innovation taking place in developing truly sustainable and renewable fuels

Rotterdam, Netherlands (IBwire.com - January 26, 2013)

Nominations have been flooding in for the 5th annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards – which take place on the evening of day two at the World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition. Nominations close on 1 February 2013: So submit your votes at http://www.sustainablebiofuelsawards.com

Judged by an elite panel of independent industry experts, including WWF, Bonsucro, the Advanced Biofuels Association and CTC – Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira - the Sustainable Biofuels Awards recognise the tremendous innovation that is taking place in the development of truly sustainable and renewable fuels.

“The Sustainable Biofuels Awards are designed to encourage, inspire, and reward innovation throughout the biofuels value chain,” said Nadim Chaudhry, CEO of Green Power Conferences. “Within the biofuels value chain, there are countless initiatives making a huge difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment, and enhancing society, and we are committed to recognising those achievements.”

The Sustainable Biofuels Awards Categories are: 

    Breakthrough Innovation in Technology – The award for a technology provider improving the efficiency and sustainability of biofuels production

    Sustainable Feedstock Innovation – The award for a project that can display innovation to enhance sustainability in feedstock production/process/collection

    Green Shoots Award – The award for the most exciting innovation in next generation development

    Excellence in Leadership (for an individual) – The award for an individual who has personally made an outstanding contribution to the development of the biofuels industry.

    Global Deal of the Year – The award for deal completed or advanced in 2012/2013 that is of particular consequence for the long term development of the biofuels industry

    Sustainable Aviation – The award for the greatest contribution this year towards a sustainable aviation fuels industry

Plus, new to 2013: Bio-Based Chemicals Awards Categories: 

    Partnership of the Year – The award for the hottest joint venture for the commercialisation of a bio- based chemical

    Sustainable Feedstock Process – The award for the most exciting new feedstock innovation

    Innovation in Biobased Chemical Platform – The award for a pioneering conversion platform with the greatest potential

Submit your nominations by 1 February 2013 at [http://www.sustainablebiofuelsawards.com

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Website: www.solarpowergenerationusa.com/
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