January 25, 2013 Friday - updated 10:07 AM PT

eCommerce Shopping Cart Elite Launches Effiliate Marketing Plugin for Internet Affiliate Marketing Store Owners

New York, United States (IBwire.com - January 25, 2013)  The Effiliate marketing plugin has just been launched by Shopping Cart Elite, adding it to their ever growing list of features. E-Commerce businesses are always in demand of innovative software solutions, and Shopping Cart Elite is yet to fail to deliver.

“We are always trying to make internet marketing easy for our clients”, says CEO of Shopping Cart Elite, Igor Soshkin. “Developing new plugins is how we realize our company’s vision to offer our clients the very best eCommerce solutions”.
For the clients of shopping cart elite, the launch of this new plugin means that there is another tool for their business to utilize. They can expand their store’s product line up by linking to products from other stores, and receive commissions should customers choose to purchase those products.

The idea to integrate affiliate marketing into a fully functional online store was inspired by the marketing experts at Shopping Cart Elite. Clients will now have greater control over business growth, and add more value to the service offered by their respective stores. The Effiliate marketing plugin also gives online businesses the opportunity to be more profitable.

Every staff member at shopping cart elite is dedicated to providing a service that ultimately helps their clients succeed.

About Shopping Cart Elite:
Shopping Cart Elite [http://www.shoppingcartelite.com is for online retailers who are not happy with the performance of their current shopping carts. Shopping Cart Elite is a sophisticated shopping cart that will completely automate your business. Contrary to the shopping cart software offered by BigCommerce, Volusion and Shopify, we have created a system that doesn't require you to pay thousands of dollars to App partners to have marketing and SEO tools for your business. We made a great product and bundled it all into one complete turnkey package.

Shopping Cart Elite is an industry leading eCommerce solution provider dedicated to creating and maintaining the ultimate platform for online businesses. Since its inception in 2009, Shopping Cart Elite has partnered and integrated many third party solutions to help run businesses more efficiently, and some of our top clients today include WheelsNoLimit, Yarkuza, MimoUSA, PartsEngine and many others.

Media Contact:

John Mason
Ad Facade
New York, NY

Phone: 800.401.8296
Website: www.shoppingcartelite.com/
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