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Lancaster Insurance Advise ‘Get Your Car Mot’d’

United Kingdom (IBwire.com - January 25, 2013)  Late last year the Government announced new legislation that meant that all pre-1960 vehicles were now exempt from MOT testing. This decision is still one of controversy amongst those in the classic car industry, including specialist insurance arrangers such as Lancaster Insurance. Lancaster believes it is a good idea to get a car an MOT every year for peace of mind, to abide by classic car policy terms and also for road safety.

Whether or not the owner of a classic car has the time and resources to take full and proper care of their vehicle, keeping on top of the smaller issues can help prevent unnecessary breakdown s and prolong a car’s life. These are just a few of the standard checks under taken by a garage, when a vehicle is given an MOT test, which would be a benefit for any car:

        Lights are all working
        Tyre pressure and tread is correct
         Hand Brake is functioning properly. i.e. you do not need to pull it up high
        Steering wheel is secure and in good condition
        Body work is in good condition
        Mirrors are secure

It is not just the concern about extending the life of a classic car, but also the potential threat it poses to both the driver and other road users. Poorly maintained or simply run down vehicles can be dangerous for others on the road, for example, worn out brakes, broken seatbelts or an un-secure steering wheel may cause serious accidents.

Lancaster Insurance’s Club Account Manager, Gary Long, highlights the advantages of an MOT: “Getting an annual MOT for a classic car whether it is required by law or not has the benefit of not only ensuring the vehicle is road safe but also meets with classic car policy conditions/expectations. As many classic car insurers and arrangers such as Lancaster Insurance require a policy holder to “maintain your car in a safe and roadworthy condition.”

Even the best maintained classic and vintage vehicles are prone to unexpected breakdowns, so having breakdown cover can give additional reassurance.

Lancaster Insurance Services Ltd, established in 1984, specialises in arranging classic car insurance as well as other general insurance products. Our services are available to residents of the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and The Isle of Man.
Lancaster search a carefully selected panel of insurers which includes many of the UK’s leading insurers to get great deal’s on classic car insurance. Policy benefits may include agreed valuation, limited mileage discounts, wedding hire, car club member discounts and much more.

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