January 23, 2013 Wednesday - updated 08:17 AM PT

ACareerjob.net, A Job Matching App, Launches Video Resume Feature

Waterloo, Canada (IBwire.com - January 23, 2013) While there are numerous job search web-sites, ACareerJob.net is the only one to offer a video resume feature. Along with the profile and resume attachments, a job seeker can now quickly and easily attach their video resume, increasing their chances of being noticed and contacted by employers. The video feature is easy and effective. http://forum.acareerjob.net/

Job seekers can show prospective employers the person behind the stats by attaching their video resume to their job search profile. Make immediate contact with employers and sell your soft skills with this user-friendly technology now available on ACareerJob.net

“The most challenging part of any job search is getting that first interview”, states John Francis, ACareerJob’s president. “If an employer can see who you are along with your black and white credentials, you’ve just given yourself a substantial advantage over other applicants. The video resume gets your foot in the door. Remember, it’s often a candidate’s personality that lands the job”.

ACareerJob.net is free and available to both job seekers and employers. Detailed information on how it works is available at, http://www.ACareerJob.net

ACareerJob is a subsidiary of Theonera Inc., a recruitment, assessment and outplacement firm based in Waterloo, ON. Canada.


Media Contact:

John Francis
Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-656-1051
Website: www.acareerjob.net/
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