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Modern Rock Band Trophy Kids “Give Back” through Tunii.com

United States (IBwire.com - January 19, 2013)

The band: Trophy Kids. The website: Tunii.com. The result: A Win-Win for everyone involved.

Trophy Kids use the new fan paying website, Tunii.com, to pay back the people who help make them a success.

“Giving back to the fans for sharing an artist’s music creates a new level of bonding and loyalty between artist and fan,” says president and Co-founder of Tunii, Keith Harrison. 

“We are excited to provide a free platform where everyone can share in the success for connecting artists and fans around the world.”

Trophy Kids are no stranger to “giving back”. They have been performing at benefits and charity events since their inception. Even donating blood as a band in San Francisco while handing out and covering the city with flyers and stickers of their new logo is par for the course for these young rockers.

“Fans are ultimately responsible for the success of an artist,” Harrison says. “So why can’t they get a piece of that success?” They can thanks to Tunii.com’s patent-pending innovations.

The site is seamlessly integrated with Facebook and YouTube, so joining the site just takes a couple of quick clicks. Fans can then browse the artists and pick the ones they want to follow and promote. When the songs sell on platforms like Amazon and iTunes, the fans get a portion of those earnings.

If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Trophy Kids live, they will be performing on Sunday January 20th in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge Battle of the Bands. 

You can check out more info at dnalounge.com and you also might want to check out Trophy Kids guitarist Colton Stockers new signature guitar from Washington based custom guitar company George Brothers Guitars.

The digital revolution continues to impact traditional media. Now, with Tunii.com, the cost of promoting new music is crowd-sourced, eliminating the need for large companies to provide capital to push artists and bands. With Tunii.com, the fans provide the marketing mojo that an artist needs to be successful, with more efficiency and with no debt incurred by the artist.

Some of the artists to be early adopters of Tunii include Brett Burke, Trophy Kids, The Dreaming Society, Luna 13, After, Flava Hype, Sarey Savy, Peratus, Lido Beach, Sovern, Eddie Grey and more.

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