January 18, 2013 Friday - updated 10:01 AM PT

Atlanta House Cleaning Service Announces Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Discounts

United States (IBwire.com - January 18, 2013)  Atlanta house cleaning company, EMJ Cleaning Services, announced today that it would be offering residential cleaning and commercial cleaning discounts until the end of January in honor of the new year. People in Atlanta who need their homes and/or offices cleaned can now take advantage of EMJ Cleaning’s residential and office cleaning services at discounted prices, both of which are individually valued at the regular cleaning price.

In addition, owner of EMJ Cleaning, Eric Cano, announced that these new year deals are only valid for the month of January.

“January is the time when people begin working on their New Year’s resolutions and for many, these resolutions include getting organized. We want to help these types of people by offering them our cleaning services at discounted prices so that organizing their homes and offices will be faster and easier.”

EMJ Cleaning Services has been in business for over a decade, providing a variety of cleaning services to people in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Residents can choose from EMJ Cleaning’s Regular Cleaning, Heavy Duty Cleaning or Deep Cleaning services. Other services available are Move-Out Cleaning, Foreclosure Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning.

EMJ Cleaning has many uniformed, professional employees that have been extensively trained in all areas of home and office cleaning. EMJ Cleaning utilizes its own equipment and brand name, quality products, such as Windex, Pine-Sol, Pledge, Clorox, Palmolive, Soft Scrub and more. Customers have the luxury of scheduling appointments around their schedules so they can go about their days without being disturbed by EMJ Cleaning service professionals.

“We hold our employees to the highest standards of professionalism. We believe in acting ethically for every job that is performed,” says Cano. “If our customers aren’t satisfied with our performance, we’ll offer them a discount. EMJ Cleaning is all about providing exceptional customer service.”

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with EMJ Cleaning, call 678-966-9469 or visit the website at emjcleaning.com.

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Eric Cano
EMJ Cleaning

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