January 17, 2013 Thursday - updated 07:55 AM PT

Air Express launch deposit system for their online customers

United Kingdom (IBwire.com - January 17, 2013)

Air Express have today launched a deposit system for their customers that want to book online with the flexibility usually only reserved for direct customer bookings.

With the austerity that the country is currently experiencing, Air Express made the decision to offer their on line customers the ability to confirm their flights, hotels and holidays with payment of just a deposit.

Jon Matthews, the online business manager at Air Express, said "Deposits aren't something new, but very few companies offer this facility to online users. We are looking to expand our already vast customer base, and felt that offering the ability to book with just a deposit would introduce us to a much greater market. We have already discounted our pricing online and felt that adding a deposit system would help our customers afford the holiday they've always dreamed of."

Air Express have been progressing rapidly in the online marketplace, with the agents tool launched earlier this month, a travel finder section launched last month and further features earmarked for launch in the coming months.

Managing Director, Muzirul Haque, added that "Jon has only been with us for a couple of months and already the improvements to the site and improvements to the customer experience can be seen by all. We are very excited with what we believe the site will deliver as a business over the course of the year and hope that our expanding customer base will appreciate the efforts made to help them afford the holiday they truly desire".

Air Express are a travel agent based in the East End of London and have been trading successfully for more than 20 years. The future of this family run business looks exciting, with discussions already in place with some national newspapers to provide, run and fulfil their online travel brands. http://www.airexpress.co.uk is certainly a travel website to watch carefully.


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Jon Matthews

Phone: 0844 318 6666
Website: www.airexpress.co.uk/
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