January 16, 2013 Wednesday - updated 08:35 AM PT

nCino Hosts Future of Banking Event with Former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack

Wilmington, United States (IBwire.com - January 16, 2013)

nCino, LLC, the leader in secure, cloud-based bank operating solutions to the financial services industry, together with Salesforce.com® and Wilmington, N.C.-based Live Oak Bank, will host a "Fireside Chat with John Mack" at the St. Regis Hotel in New York, N.Y., on January 23rd from 4 - 7pm. Mack served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley from 2005-2010 and successfully guided the firm through the financial crisis of 2008. Live Oak Bank Chairman and CEO James "Chip" Mahan III will host the discussion on Mack’s experiences at Morgan Stanley and his perspective on the current and future states of banking and the economy.

"Having been in banking for over forty years I am honored to host John Mack who will offer insights into the recent financial crisis and his thoughts on the current state of the industry," said Chip Mahan, CEO of Live Oak Bank. "Learning from such a successful leader and financial expert as John Mack and embracing nCino's Bank Operating System solution has enabled Live Oak Bank to achieve a return on assets of 4.51 and a return on equity of 51.48."

The Future of Banking event, which is free for bankers and financial services professionals, will also feature a presentation by Salesforce.com® Area Vice President of Financial Services Brian Kneafsey and nCino CEO Pierre Naudé on how customer relationship management (CRM) and operational transparency can help community banks increase their safety and soundness, efficiency, and net interest margin.

"nCino is proud to partner with Salesforce.com® and Live Oak Bank to host Mr. John Mack for this informative seminar on the future of the banking industry," said Pierre Naudé, Chief Executive Officer of nCino. "We are pleased to provide this unique opportunity for financial institutions to gain further insights into achieving a true competitive advantage and ensuring long-term success." 

A reception will immediately follow the fireside chat and presentation at 6pm. For more details about the seminar and to register, please visit http://www.ncino.com/mack.

About nCino 

Wilmington, N.C.-based nCino, LLC is the leader in cloud-based bank operating solutions to the financial services industry. Through its flagship Bank Operating System solution comprised of nCommercial, nRetail, nCompliance and nMortgage, nCino leverages the power of Salesforce.com® to provide small- to mid-sized financial institutions with superior transparency and clarity into their existing loan production pipelines, portfolios and operating inefficiencies across all business lines, resulting in increased profitability, productivity gains and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit http://www.ncino.com. 

For media and press inquiries email: press@ncino.com

About Live Oak Bank 

Live Oak Bank was founded to provide small business loans to professionals looking to start or expand their business. Aside from acquisitions and refinancing, Live Oak’s lenders specialize in real estate loans and ground-up construction projects. The bank originally began lending to veterinarians, and has since expanded to dentists, independent pharmacists, and funeral home owners nationwide. Having such a keen industry focus and trade specialists on board, enables the bank to offer an unparalleled level of service to the client. To learn more about Live Oak Bank, please visithttp://www.liveoakbank.com.

Media Contact:

Jonathan Rowe
Wilmington, North Carolina

Phone: 910.777.5407
Website: www.ncino.com/
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