January 15, 2013 Tuesday - updated 08:24 AM PT

Firearm Enthusiasts, Vendors Embrace New App for Designing and Sharing AR-15 Builds

LAS VEGAS, United States (IBwire.com - January 15, 2013)  

GUNSTRUCTION, a new app that allows users to easily configure and socially share AR-15 builds featuring digital 3D recreations of real parts from top manufacturers, is drawing strong interest from firearm enthusiasts and vendors in Las Vegas this week for the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference.

As the first product from Gunstruction, Inc., the GUNSTRUCTION app will be an indispensable resource for enthusiasts of modular firearms systems when it becomes available later this year. GUNSTRUCTION is the ideal tool for people who enjoy the multitude of AR-15 customization options and want to better visualize their ideas. It’s also the perfect entry point for people who are interested in the AR-15, but overwhelmed by the many choices its modular system presents.

“We designed GUNSTRUCTION as an intuitive and infinitely flexible app that greatly expands upon the more limited virtual design tools currently available to responsible firearms enthusiasts,” said Dan O’Leary, president of Gunstruction, Inc. “GUNSTRUCTION will empower the AR-15 audience with a unique app that offers excellent production values, social sharing and more in addition to the ability to build prototypes and plan purchases.”

Key features of the initial GUNSTRUCTION release include: 

Create your ideal AR-15 from an extensive catalog of real parts that link directly to retailers, part suppliers and manufacturers online.

Save your builds for future modification or purchase planning.

Test fitment and compatibility between parts with confidence - GUNSTRUCTION works closely with vendors and manufacturers to avoid compatibility, safety and regulatory issues.

Learn about each part as you use an intuitive interface to build your AR-15 virtually, seeing it from all angles and even inside.

Share your builds between friends and other GUNSTRUCTION users as part of a growing community of AR-15 enthusiasts.

Plan your dream AR-15 through GUNSTRUCTION’s guided build process that lets you start from scratch or modify an existing template.

GUNSTRUCTION is planned for initial release during the first half of 2013. Additional details about the app — including support for other modular weapon systems and its accompanying online community — will be revealed soon. More information about GUNSTRUCTION is available online at http://www.gunstruction.net, and through the social media channels http://www.facebook.com/Gunstruction, http://twitter.com/GUNSTRUCTION, http://www.youtube.com/GUNSTRUCTION and http://instagram.com/GUNSTRUCTION.

About Gunstruction, Inc. 

Created to offer higher caliber visualization tools for the firearms marketplace, Gunstruction, Inc. builds apps by industry enthusiasts for industry enthusiasts. It was founded by Dan O’Leary, whose extensive expertise in digital products and appreciation of the firearms industry combined to yield the company’s first endeavor, the powerful GUNSTRUCTION app, an indispensable resource for enthusiasts of modular firearms systems. Visit http://www.gunstruction.net.


Media Contact:

Dan O'Leary

Phone: 407-205-9806
Email: djo@gunstruction.net
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