January 15, 2013 Tuesday - updated 13:00 PM PT

DreamTeamGroup (DTG) Faces 2013 with Confidence, Reports Remarkable Social Media, Web Traffic Stats

Indianapolis, United States (IBwire.com - January 15, 2013) DreamTeamGroup (DTG), a consortium of unique marketing brands that utilizes one dynamic approach to connect publicly traded companies with a variety of investors, today announces its latest social media and Web traffic statistics, demonstrating its ability to reach and retain the attention of millions of investors.

With a combined total of 1,267,779 Twitter followers, 174,017 tweets, and 452,324 Facebook likes, DTG consistently and successfully leverages social media to achieve impressive market reach. DTG’s Web traffic, as detailed further below, echoes this mastery.

Social media obviously plays a crucial role not only in raising awareness of DTG’s brands, each targeting different audiences within the investor community, but also in providing friends and followers with current stock market news and trends. This is something DTG Managing Director Michael McCarthy says will continue.

“The news, alerts and in-depth information we provide via Facebook, Twitter and other outlets do an excellent job introducing our brands to individual investors, many of which become long-term newsletter subscribers or followers of our social media accounts,” stated McCarthy. “With an eight-year track record of success, we anticipate a stellar 2013 as we take advantage of the growing optimism within the investor and business communities.”

If 2012 lends any indication to the Company’s success in 2013, DTG is on track for significant growth.

In 2012, DTG’s network of Web sites received approximately 3 million total unique visitors; over 20 million page views, and an average length of session time of 9 minutes! In other words, subscribers find DTG content well worth their time and keep coming back for more. The numbers speak for themselves.

Jonathan Keim, DTG Director of Communications, commented, “Our newest brand, Tip.us, is expected to do extremely well in 2013. It’s a unique domain and offers an online platform designed to foster trader interaction by encouraging stock traders themselves to fuel a dynamic network of informed investors. The concept has received excellent feedback from the investor community and represents our unique approach to draw in investors as we aim to further increase the influence of our brands and clients this year.”

About DreamTeamGroup (DTG)

DTG combines very different, but complementary marketing avenues into one dynamic approach. This interlocking marketing convergence tackles many obstacles in the marketing process by engaging many different types of individuals with compelling content. By providing unique offerings, DTG has become a valuable advertising outlet garnering a top placement in traffic and unique hits.

To learn more about DTG and its family of businesses, visit http://www.DTG.fm

To connect with DTG via Facebook, please visit http://Facebook.com/TheDreamTeamGroup

To connect with DTG via Twitter, please visit http://Twitter.com/DreamTeam_Group


Media Contact:

Senior Editor
DreamTeamGroup (DTG)
7399 North Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-623-3050
Email: editor@dreamteamgroup.com
Website: www.dtg.fm
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