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RoadFish.com Advertises Money-Saving Ideas for the New Year

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RoadFish.com men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today released their statement regarding New Year’s financial resolutions, offering helpful advice to consumers whose goals are to save more and spend less this year. RoadFish.com urged resolution-makers to find ways to trim the budget especially on things they use frequently, on a daily basis.

According to a Time article regarding the top money resolutions for 2013, Fidelity Investments stated that a record-breaking 46% of individuals will be making financial resolutions for 2013. Not surprisingly, the top two resolutions came in at “spend less” and “save more.” RoadFish.com applauded everybody with financial goals for the New Year, and encouraged them to come up with sustainable plans for reaching their goals. RoadFish.com’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “We all have that friend who swears to be at the gym five days a week as a New Year’s resolution, and makes it the first week then never steps foot in the gym again. In order to keep your game plan sustainable, it has to be realistic and not too lofty. Saying that you’ll update your budget every day does not seem realistic. Getting the Mint app on your phone and following your budget that way, on the other hand, does. So does setting aside 20 minutes once per week to update your budget. Stick with things you can keep up long-term.”

RoadFish.com also encouraged readers to trim expenses where they can for automatic savings. RoadFish.com urged readers to check out a recent ABC15 article written by Daphne Munroe, which highlighted a slew of different services that most consumers pay for but that come with free options as well. Munro points out that cell phones are considered “must haves” in this day and age although the plans can run consumers a hefty price sometimes. She suggests that consumers can talk and text for free at least by setting up a Google Voice account. Google Voice, a downloadable app free to users, allows users to make phone calls both local and long distance for free as well as have unlimited texting at no charge. Likewise, for those who don’t have SmartPhones capable of looking up a business phone number through a browser, Munro recommends using Free411 to get the phone number for free, as opposed to dialing 411 and having to pay the service fee to look the number up. Munro reports that dialing 1-800-free(3733)-411 will bring the user to a sponsored advertisement, then they will be allowed to look up the business or residential phone number all the while avoiding the directory assistance fee.

RoadFish.com appreciates the things in life that come at no cost, and applauded Munro for publishing such a timely article. RoadFish.com’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “Keeping a budget is brilliant because it allows us to see where we can make some changes, trim down our spending a bit. Most of us look at the bills and utilities on our budgets and believe that they are set in stone, when—if you get a little bit creative—in reality, you probably could cut some down, somewhere, with Google Voice for instance. And for things like electric and heat, keep in mind that the less you use, the less you pay for. Turning the thermostat down two degrees might not feel much different in the house, but it could reflect positively on your bill. For the things you can’t get totally for free, like oil changes or dental checkups, use Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local to get good deals. Don’t ever pay full-price when dining out either; use sites like Restaurant.com or Bloomspot for discounted rates on meals.”

RoadFish.com is an advocate of being credit-conscious and advises that anybody whose New Year’s resolution is to improve their credit score ought to be monitoring their credit more than just the average once per year. In the above-mentioned article, Munro recommends that consumers check their credit reports once per year to ensure there has not been a mistake made, or any identity theft has occurred. Consumers can get their free credit score once per year, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act which requires each of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to provide consumers with one free copy of their credit report one time per every 12 months.

RoadFish.com offers some ideas for free exercise routines. RoadFish.com’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, but balk at the price of a gym membership which can be pretty steep. Honestly, some of my favorite workout practices are totally free. Bike riding is amazing exercise, if you have a bike of course. If not, run steps. This is easy if you have a two-story house, but stadium steps, park steps, or just about any set of stairs will do. My personal favorite form of free exercise is hiking, especially if you end up somewhere with a view which is doubly rewarding. Then there’s at-home yoga. Rent a DVD for free from the library, or just jump on YouTube—there’s tons of yoga tutorials on there. If you’re into weight lifting, make your own weights by filling up duffel bags to your desired weight, or filling empty water bottles or plastic milk cartons with sand and rocks. All of these ideas are totally free, and just come with a little creativity. My best recommendation for a great workout, however, is good music. That’s when Pandora and Spotify, both free music accounts with mobile apps, come in very handy!”

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