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Air Innovations’ Custom Environmental Control Systems Showcased at AHR 2013 Booth 5223

United States (IBwire.com - January 12, 2013)

Air Innovations (AI), a US-based designer and manufacturer of environmental control systems (ECUs) used by end users and original equipment manufacturers around the world, will exhibit at the AHR EXPO, booth 5223, at the Dallas Convention Center, January 28-30, 2013.

Air Innovations partners with companies that need to solve air conditioning, environmental control and/or ventilation challenges that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment. Capabilities include close tolerance control of temperature (to +/- 0.01◦C), humidity control (to +/- 0.5% stability), filtration and pressurization. The ECUs can be designed as stand-alone systems or integrated inside original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) systems or processes of any shape or size for such applications as: 

    Medical device manufacturing

    Semiconductor cleanrooms

    Pharmaceutical processing

    Launch pad loading of defense industry materiel


    R&D laboratories

A full range of production capabilities complements AI’s designs, from prototyping to manufacturing in large volumes. All AI products are tested for safety, reliability and performance under simulated load conditions in the company’s psychrometric facilities.

The company also manufactures its own branded environmental control products for portable contamination control in hospitals (IsolationAir®), ventilating room air purification (HEPAirX®), wine cellar cooling (Wine Guardian®), and supermarket floral (Floratech®).

AI products conform to the most stringent international and industry-specific safety and performance standards, including mil-spec, UL, CE, CSA and SEMI. All Air Innovations products are designed and manufactured in Syracuse, NY.                            

According to show managers, the AHR EXPO is the world’s largest heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration exposition, with over 1,800 manufacturers and suppliers showcasing their latest products and systems, building automation and controls, software and services.     

Nearly 30,000 contractors, engineers, dealers, distributors, wholesalers, OEMs, architects, builders, facility owners and agents are expected to attend.

AHR EXPO attendees are invited to stop by Air Innovations booth 5223 to learn more about how AI’s products and capabilities can help solve OEMs’ custom process and cleanroom control application challenges. For more information, visit http://www.airinnovations.com, call 800-825-3268 (international callers, dial +1 315-452-7400), or email info(at)airinnovations(dot)com.

Media Contact:

Cheryl Gressani
Air Innovations

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