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Advanced Foundation Repair Pro-Lift Steel Pile Solution Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary

Dallas, United States (IBwire.com - January 11, 2013)  

The coming year is a major milestone for Advanced Foundation Repair as they celebrate the Pro-Lift steel pile foundation system’s 20 year anniversary. “We would like to extend our thanks to all of our customers who had the Pro-Lift steel piling foundation repair system installed. There was a need for a steel piling that could hold up to the constant pressures from the Texas soils,” inventor and CEO of Advanced Foundation Repair, Fred Marshall said. “After 20 years in the market, the Pro-Lift Foundation Repair system has proven to be everything it was designed for.”

Pro-lift steel piles are designed for the stresses of Texas soils. 

    They can have multiple steel walls, depending on the weight of the building and position of the piling.

    In special circumstances where there is an unusual potential for upward movement, each steel piling is bound together with a tension steel cable. The cable ties the bottom of the steeling piling to the top and allows the lower portions of the steeling piling to act as an anchor and to resist uplift.

    For truly extraordinary situations steel pilings are isolated from the active soils with flanged steel sections.

    Each steel piling is fitted with a variety of caps. For standard loads circular steel caps are used to support standard trapezoidal concrete blocks, while t-caps are used to lift unusually heavy loads. Circular caps and t-caps are fitted to accept cables.

    For additional strength, each piling is filled with concrete grout. The grout increases the load baring capacity of each piling and literally cements the sections together.

Advanced Foundation Repair will be celebrating the anniversary on-site at their Dallas corporate offices. “Our Pro-Lift Pile Foundation Repair System would not have been successful without our loyal customers. All of us here at Advanced thank you for your continued business, and look forward to serving your foundation repair needs for many years to come!” said Fred Marshall.

Advanced Foundation Repair offers home repairs from the foundation up including foundation repair, plumbing and general construction services. Advanced Foundation Repair has specialized in foundation repair needs of Texas homeowners for over 100 years. Advanced Foundation Repair specialists’ reputations prompt and honest service assures customers reliable service. Visit http://www.foundationrepairs.com for information on Advanced Foundation Repair’s services, home owner tips and DIY white papers.


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