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Smart Media Technologies Introduces My University, a No-Cost Solution for Students Looking for an Education Advantage

Henderson, United States (IBwire.com - January 10, 2013)  

My University is just one of many in an ever expanding line of no cost features found in Smart Media Technologies' Home Page Pays. Students have access to over 2,200 video classes on everything from basic education to advanced university courses. They can get help with math, science, economics etc. as well as prep courses for standardized tests and college entrance exams. It is also great for people who want to improve their skills as well as for home schooling.

My University allows students to learn any subject from the beginning or just study what they are having trouble with in a particular subject. It is especially helpful with all levels of math because the student can just look up what they are having trouble with and watch the course. If their mind wanders, which can often happen in class, they can simply rewind it and listen to it again. Also, students find that listening to a lecture while playing one of the single player games that can also be found in Home Page Pays really helps with their memory recall on tests and is a fun way to learn between studying which leads to a more effective alternative to the cram session.

According to an article in The Atlantic by Jordan Weissmann, "53% of recent College Grads are Jobless or Underemployed." Now the fact is it would only make sense that things have become even more competitive. So getting better grades means getting into a better College or University and students who graduate higher in their class can expect to get a better job and higher pay when it's time for them to graduate.

About Smart Media Technologies

Smart Media Technologies is an Information Technologies company based in the US that offers many great products, services and business solutions. They also offer a wide range of products at no cost for individuals based on the principles of Edutainment, a new fun way to learn through their PC App Home Page Pays.

To learn more about SMT's My University and Home Page Pays visit their website at: http://smartmediaplay.com


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Ceni Kemal
Global Education Movement
Henderson, evada

Phone: 1-719-266-2332
Website: supernatural1.smartmediatechnologies.com/
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